01 – Introduction To Chemistry – Online Chemistry Course – Learn Chemistry & Solve Problems

01 - Introduction To Chemistry - Online Chemistry Course - Learn Chemistry & Solve Problems

01 – Introduction To Chemistry – Online Chemistry Course – Learn Chemistry & Solve Problems

This is just a few minutes of a complete course.
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In this lesson the student will be introduced to the core concepts of chemistry 1.

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35 Responses to “01 – Introduction To Chemistry – Online Chemistry Course – Learn Chemistry & Solve Problems”

  1. Ammu says:

    who watch in 2025

    because I am 👍

  2. Simanta Borbora says:

    He actually made crystal clear
    Lots of respect towards you

  3. rahmet Rahmet says:

    So nice

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  5. Julian Prosperous says:

    Your teaching is the best

  6. Princess Mendoza says:

    When your just elementary and your watching this….

  7. Brianna says:

    I like when things are connected, like how scientific terms are derived from Latin. This makes it easier to remember and also helps to recognize unfamiliar medical terms just by knowing the prefix, suffix, etc.

    It's interesting how school separates subjects when in the real world, math, physics, chemistry (etc) go hand in hand and there are many cross overs… I think we should teach education in a more holistic way since our brain works in this way and is constantly making connections… 🤓

  8. Jose L Quispe says:

    I came here because of Dr Stone

  9. Jeremy Wilson says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVERYONE DISLIKE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Enteng Kian says:

    Ini sarana buat kehidupan semua mkluk agar mengetahui dirinya sakitnya dst

  11. Angelos Arpa says:

    well said !!

  12. Marty Donnellan says:

    So informative but the new trend of adding, "right?" after so many sentences is distracting, right?

  13. B M N G Narayana says:

    Thank you … From now l am loving chemistry.

  14. acrayt says:

    Wow, this made me realized I was never bad in school, just had bad teachers, because I understood everything perfectly.

  15. Angelika Majdańska says:

    I wish I had a chemistry teacher like you, I might be in a completely different place today ;D

  16. Fafli Nah says:

    Who else here got a new found passion for chemistry?

  17. FAADU GAMER. says:

    6:35 (video starts here) 😉

  18. prettylies says:

    i got inspired bye chemistry and science came from dr.stone the anime

  19. Shayla Kingston says:

    This is exactly how every teacher should be teaching chemistry. I’ve now realised that I didn’t hate chemistry, I just disliked how my teacher taught it.

  20. Melina Gonzalez says:

    I'm in 4th grade.. Why I'm I watching this?

  21. Aaron W says:

    This was awesome! Thank you!

  22. Mon Slay says:

    You are a really great teacher!

  23. Kasen Henry says:


  24. E Tirado says:


  25. Awogwo FlorenceAmaka says:

    I love your teaching,

  26. Ö l łńžøę ML says:

    Very good indeed.

  27. ALL KIDS SCIENCE says:

    Really nicw

  28. Yong Zhen Ze says:

    I'm 13 and I've wanted to be a chemist for as long as I can remember thanks so much for this.

  29. Hayat Science education says:

    Attractive lecture sir

  30. Christopher Oshodin says:

    You are a great teacher.

  31. Francis Mausley says:

    Chemistry… I always need to learn more… "Study the sciences, acquire more and more knowledge. Assuredly one may learn to the end of one’s life! Use your knowledge always for the benefit of others;.." ~ Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  32. Aicha Ahmed says:


  33. Huzzir Zakaria says:

    If only internet is available back then as it is today allowing access to tons of materials, contents, references and so much more including various teaching styles n views such as this n today, I would definitely be totally different person, in a different fields and professionals… How lucky are kids of today, but only if they realized n making use of the best of it… 🌹

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