01 – Introduction to Physics, Part 1 (Force, Motion & Energy) – Online Physics Course

01 - Introduction to Physics, Part 1 (Force, Motion & Energy) - Online Physics Course

01 – Introduction to Physics, Part 1 (Force, Motion & Energy) – Online Physics Course

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In this lesson, you will learn an introduction to physics and the important concepts and terms associated with physics 1 at the high school, college, or university level.

We will review Newton’s laws of motion, projectile motion, force, energy (potential and kinetic energy), gravitation, momentum, collisions and more.

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24 Responses to “01 – Introduction to Physics, Part 1 (Force, Motion & Energy) – Online Physics Course”

  1. Marcelino Mota says:

    Who else just randomly wanted to learn physics

  2. A Hetzel says:

    Teacher: Light is a particle and a wave, but we don't have a word for it but it is both.

  3. Hasty Legend says:

    more physics please I need help in covering the syllabus

  4. Layan Amr says:

    Thai is really helpful I’m starting middle school after this summer and we didn’t take physics biology and chemistry yet and I want to learn more about it cause it seems interesting

  5. Jay Thom says:

    Physics is the most enticing subject I have ever come acrossed in my entire life…I love it

  6. WayPo1nt says:

    im here cause my friend thinks im dumb….

  7. getchuukutt kut says:

    ms.deltona made an experimemt and it caused it to have voices in my house

  8. Serenity says:

    I have decided after every episode of this I get too watch 1 episode of an anime

  9. Ryanplayz says:

    Im in Grade 5 and 10 years old but I wanna learn science cuz I'm gonna be the next Einstein

  10. Lil Stubbs says:

    I would love to take physics junior year for high school, but I don't think it counts towards me graduating, I think I have to take chemistry first. Maybe senior year, I don't know if it'll be too late by then though.

  11. Mylie Foxy :3 says:

    My mom is a radiologist my dad is a college physics teacher but I'm stupid unlike them

  12. Nicholas Omondi says:

    wow! This is so amazing…..how can we post some questions for help?

  13. Gustavo Lopez says:

    I find physics very interesting but I am terrified of math.

  14. classic ` says:

    thanks dude!

  15. Logan girl says:

    i’m twelve. Anyways back to the lesson

  16. simosezwe nyoni says:

    Amazing! He might be even better than Richard Feynman

  17. Winston Smith says:

    Hi thanks for the video. I really want to learn physics … I've became really interested in GR and quantum mechanics etc… But am struggling because I didn't even study physics at high school. Would you suggest teaching myself or doing an actual course? I'm not sure how you can get on your own… I've taught myself other disciplines though so I'm guessing pretty far

  18. Issac Meara says:

    Preparing to be majoring advanced phyics in college

  19. AMT says:


  20. Randy Layhee says:

    Leibniz disliked this video

  21. Observeand Report says:

    Great style of teaching, thank you.

  22. Getachew Assefa says:

    You are the best teachers ever seen. Be blessed

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