1 – Intro To Matrix Math (Matrix Algebra Tutor) – Learn how to Calculate with Matrices

1 - Intro To Matrix Math (Matrix Algebra Tutor) - Learn how to Calculate with Matrices

1 – Intro To Matrix Math (Matrix Algebra Tutor) – Learn how to Calculate with Matrices

This is just a few minutes of a complete course.
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In this lesson, the student will learn what a matrix is in algebra and how to perform basic operations on matrices. We will learn how to do basic matrix math operations by solving example problems.

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25 Responses to “1 – Intro To Matrix Math (Matrix Algebra Tutor) – Learn how to Calculate with Matrices”

  1. Janith Jeewantha says:

    sir can we solve concurrent equations with matrix

  2. madaxey cali says:

    If ever was there a natural born teacher, this fellow must be it! Thank you, sir.

  3. Jacob Matura says:

    good work. i need more examples…..

  4. Simon Titus says:

    Great teacher will explanation

  5. brofallo says:

    This guy is so comforting

  6. Surekha Ghorpade says:

    l am truly beginner🤯 but sir your are best🌟

  7. hyped soul says:

    Thank you so much for the lecture… Straight to my question,Is the element arrangement important to consider while considering equality of matrices…lets A23 = 4 , B23= 5 yet all the single elements are found in both matrices ,the difference is the arrangement

  8. Rajender Kashyap says:


  9. 7813339920 Lacombe says:

    Wow! Thank you so much may God bless you.

  10. Ahmed Sokkar says:

    watching in 2021

  11. i am the one says:


  12. Learn with Sanket says:

    My teacher to me: Explain Matrix!!
    Me: (gives this video)

  13. Tushar Shorma says:

    Rate my professor 5/5

  14. Wahid Darwish says:

    sir, you are awesome!

  15. 7813339920 Lacombe says:

    Wow! Thank you so much.

  16. Akatsuki Hajime says:

    Basically, its algebra but is a big scale.

  17. Akatsuki Hajime says:

    Good to watch when couldn't sleep at night

    I am just joking

  18. johnesha harris says:

    This my first time watching I think I'm going to use wen I'm the military

  19. Alice Musara says:

    It's useful ,l really like your teachings

  20. Eva Dugina says:

    great teacher for students who have difficulties with math… really very easy and really sloooowww…….. like!

  21. sg gamer says:

    thanks alot

  22. Swadesh Taneja says:

    Very simple

  23. Sohail Janjua says:

    Hi, I like your lecture

  24. Amir Nazari says:

    thank you sir you explain really nice steps of solving math & physics problem

  25. Natto_XD says:

    I love your teaching it's so nice and clear and makes sense. Especially for me since I'm teaching myself engineering maths at home

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