10th Algebra Ex.6.6 | statistics | Mahesh Parajapati | Pie Diagram

10th Algebra Ex.6.6 | statistics | Mahesh Parajapati | Pie Diagram

10th Algebra Ex.6.6 | statistics | Mahesh Parajapati | Pie Diagram

In this video we have drawn pie diagram by using formula of central angle.
10th Algebra Ex.6.1

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10th Algebra Ex.6.5

10th Algebra Ex.6.6

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  6. Taniya Saha says:

    What radius we have to take for pie diagram???

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  12. Vivesh Jambhulkar says:

    Sir practice set 6.6 ke 5 and 7 question ka video bnaye pleaseπŸ™

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    Sir make video of Q5 Q6

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  19. MD Gaming says:

    Sir mujhe 6.6 ka 2 nahi aa rha tha lekin ab video dekha aa gaya
    Thank you sir

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