2 Sample Applications for the Post of Clerk

This has reference to your today’s advertisement in ____________ “(News Paper Name)” for the post of a clerk.

Since I can fulfill the requirements of the job advertised, I am submitting my application for your consideration.

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I am a Commerce Graduate with 88% marks in accountancy.

During my studies, I was working as an honorary part-time clerk for the College Union and have thus gained sufficient practical experience for filing, dispatching, billing and drafting simple letters.

I am at present ____________ (Years) of age and possess a sound physique.

I am enclosing two testimonials—one from our Principal and another from former Chairman of our college trust.

I shall be glad to give you any further information you may require, at the time of interview.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

2. Application for the Post of a Clerk


The Manager,
(Company Name)

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement for a clerk/typist in the Straits Time of ____________ (Date). I wish to apply as a candidate for this post.

I am a young and energetic person of ____________ (Years) of age with credits in English and Mathematics in my GCE ‘0’ level examination. I have already some experience as a junior clerk as I worked with ____________ (Company Name). ____________ (Place Name) for a period of over a year on part time basis. However I had to leave the job on account of some family circumstance. I have also done typing course and possess a certificate with grade in typing and possess a typing speed of ____________ words per minute. My former employers would be glad to give a reference for me.

If offered this job, I would do my best to win your confidence through hard and sincere work.

I look forward to hearing soon from you.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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