45-45-90 Special Right Triangles

45-45-90 Special Right Triangles

45-45-90 Special Right Triangles

How to find the missing side in a 45-45-90 Special Right Triangle.

0:09 What are the Ratios of the Sides in a 45 45 90 Triangle
1:03 Example 1 Solve for the Hypotenuse Given the Leg
1:31 Example 2 Solving for the Leg Given the Hypotenuse
1:54 Example 3 Solving for the Leg Given the Hypotenuse and Rationalizing

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    What if y or x is just the square root of something

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    Its amazing how you condensed a hour long class into two minutes while still managing to explain everything in a clear and concise manner. Great stuff man.

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    How do u find it if they didn't give the hypotenuse

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    i only have x and 45° but that’s it. idk what to do. there’s also a triangle on top of it that has a leg of 7 and 60°

  27. Olivia Busiello says:

    Wait is the 45-45-90 always gonna be an isosceles right triangle since the legs will be the same? I’m going into eighth and I haven’t learned this yet 😛

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    Thank you so much! This makes so much more sense!

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    What if the hypotenuse is radical 7 and I’d have to find the leg

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    You’re an absolute legend Mario!

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    omfg this is why i did so horrible at math, no real world use to put it in perspective. If i'm building a deck and the hypotenuse is 36" what are the lengths of X and Y?

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    LITERALLY THE GOAT Kept switching from the 45 and 30 videos for my homework I was so clueless 4 hours ago thanks man

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    What if the leg has a radical? (3 radical(2)) ? How do I find the hypotenuse?

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    I always forget little rules like this so I had to come back and relearn it because Geometry is amazing thanks dawg now I can do my homework 💀

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