5 Math Skills You Need to Know!

5 Math Skills You Need to Know!

5 Math Skills You Need to Know!

This video tutorial discusses the 5 math skills you need to know if you’re in high school or if you’re going to college.

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31 Responses to “5 Math Skills You Need to Know!”

  1. play gamers says:


  2. Axel Palomares says:

    going back to basics cuz I haven't learned in my elementary.

  3. Yukio Mishima says:

    I cheated my online classes my senior year so I forgot everything. Gotta refresh before I get a Job

  4. AW Math Tutorial says:

    join us for Math learning

  5. Vongai Siziba Sundawo says:

    thank you for that

  6. Dr. Hamath MD. says:

    You really only need to know arithm tic to get by in life as well as to read and write mean get real here when do you use trigonometry in the he supermarket? Ah you don't but rather you use addition and subtraction sometimes a little division and or multiplication but mainly addition and subtraction. And fractions at the deli or meat section 🙂

  7. golden pearl says:

    Thanks a lot…😁
    It was really really helpful to me🙂

  8. Moda Mont says:

    @ 3:54 you say it's important to know that a negative x(times) a negative is a + , I thought you were subtracting -3 from -4 and not multiplying it ? why did you say a – times a – and not a – minus a – ? is this some type of math speak formula talk ?

  9. 「 」 says:

    Welcome to asian kindergarten maths.

  10. Clement Harmony says:


  11. Issam Mohamed Hammadi says:

    You're great teacher, I wish that you teach me

  12. Focus says:

    You teach so well

  13. Yogee says:

    Bro you should make an app ❤

  14. Grandmas coked up bingo night says:

    I have tests I have to watch every video I can

  15. Grandmas coked up bingo night says:

    The fact I didn’t know how to subtract 😐

  16. kiki says:

    I'm not Loki kidding I got a math add saying are you sick of watching YouTube math videos

  17. Karolis Astrauskas says:

    360$ is alot of tips.

  18. IfilmShootOutsツ says:

    Man having a shitty teacher is the worst if I had him as a teacher I would be Einstein Rn😩😭

  19. Andrew Ste Marie says:

    This was great! Would really like to see what you would consider the next 5 basic skills to master? More advanced stuff but still foundational.

  20. Devin Henderson su says:

    Why’d you add the zero?

  21. Villager 2.0 says:

    my man told me how to do prestiges better than my teacher.

  22. Jigme Wangchuk says:

    It, 😂 Good

  23. Anbu says:


  24. tiwa Charles says:

    Thank you so much

  25. 32 Ni Wayan Erika Desianti says:

    i think the best way to learn +- is pretending like
    + = the money that u have
    – = the bills that u should pay
    Exp :
    -8 (bills) + 9 (money) = 2 (change)
    -8 (bill) – 7 (bills) = -15 (bills)
    hope u understand bcs i use dictionary to write this comment😅

  26. kristian lumb says:

    Thank you. I have just brushed up on my maths your awesome……

  27. Señor Fox says:

    Thank you!

  28. Legion says:

    That you very informative

  29. Benedict Gorospe says:

    U r so amazing a m so blown right now this vid is so amazing

  30. RT RASHAD says:

    I am literally learning some math

  31. Bubba Push says:

    What come after learning percentage

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