7th Grade Math Year in Review Part 1

7th Grade Math Year in Review Part 1

7th Grade Math Year in Review Part 1

State of Georgia 7th Grade Math Year in Review
Topics covered this video
Adding sign numbers
Subtracting sign numbers
Dividing Decimals
Multiplying fractions
Divide mixed numbers
Convert fractions to a decimal
Convert percent to a decimal
Convert decimal to a percent

Example Problems
-3 + 9
-24 + -17
72 – -5
-93.1 ÷ 24.5
3/4 * 1 2/3
convert 2/5 to a fraction
convert 5/8 to a decimal
convert 20% to a fraction

7th Grade Math Playlist ( Entire Year)

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20 Responses to “7th Grade Math Year in Review Part 1”

  1. torenonion says:

    bruh this is easy

  2. Stephanie 144 says:

    Thank you!!! I know this video was posted 2 years ago, but its still helping! 👍😸😺

  3. Theboss NJ2021 says:

    I forgot too over quarantine but this help I little I don't understand a thing just
    Watching to learn but I don't understand😅Nervous for school to start😥

    Who else is nervous like comment

  4. Genesis Erazo says:

    School ended yesterday but I’m watching this because I already forgot everything.

  5. KCNotFound says:

    My teacher taught me most of this in 6th grade

  6. milky shiro says:

    my final is TOMORROW AND I HAVENT STUDIED AT ALL. I forgot like everything from the beginning of the year bye

  7. SharkyFB says:

    Thanks for showing me how to do math I've been struggling lately

  8. Gracie Nguyen says:

    I’m just here because final exams are coming up LMFAO just studying a month before :))

  9. HayHay the doge :3 (HayHay the doge :3) says:

    me wanting to be productive but literally having nothing productive to do so i learn math ahead of my grade….
    basically its 1am and im bored..so this happens

  10. Xx_minez_xX says:

    Wait she said that 1 3/5 she said 5 x 1 = 6 its 5.

  11. Rt L says:

    this should be a review for 4th grade. sad to see how far behind we are as a country.

  12. • Earth ????? Spider-AD • says:

    I learned this in 6th, but it is still nice to be reminded

  13. perhapslol says:

    When am I going to use this shit in real life I literally want to kill mysel

  14. Tracy The Autistic Stacy says:

    Its 12am right now i have my finals-

    Its on tuesday 8:am

    And didnt study-

  15. Sparkles says:

    I think she answered one wrong -_-

  16. Mushroomette says:

    In 18 minutes, my mans summed up everything i learned for a year

  17. RhythmNub says:

    yea this is all 6th grade maths lel

  18. Bread red redemption 3 says:

    speedrun time

  19. Nimrit Sandhu says:

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!!

  20. Luxryxnn says:

    I have a test tmr 😃😃

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