9th Algebra | Chapter 1 | Sets | Lecture 2 | Maharashtra Board |

9th Algebra | Chapter 1  | Sets   | Lecture 2 |  Maharashtra Board |

9th Algebra | Chapter 1 | Sets | Lecture 2 | Maharashtra Board |

Hi everyone.
Welcome to JR Tutorials.
I am Rahul Jaiswal.
In this video you will get the lecture videos of 9th Algebra chapter 1 Sets full explanation lecture 2 by rahul sir Maharashtra board.
watch the complete video.
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    You are the best friends

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    The video is too good

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    Thanks sir

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    Sir best teaching

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    Yes, sir your lecture is very nice and I love to watch your lecture

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    You make the practice set simple for us,
    Thanks a lot for this video

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    This is the simplest lesson I ever solved

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    Thank u sir u teach very nicely i understand everything

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    Easy practice set ever

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    Sir please solve all the problems in set

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    Thank you so much for this much hard work you are doing for us we are lucky to have your teachings…
    Thanks alot ♥️🙏

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    Sir nice all videos

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    Thank You Sir 😊😊

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    Every drop of sweat he flows is how much efforts sir takes for us…… Thank you so much sir really appreciate your efforts 🙏🙏

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    sir jaldi vedio dalo na plz

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    Thanks sir

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    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏❣️❣️

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    Sir App maths ka sirf PDF de jea na

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    Thanks sir 🙏

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    Sir how did you teach in this methods my school teacher not even teach of 1/4 percent of this and really this was an simplest practice set and I have ever solved and respecting you to please teach us full mathematics portion.

  23. Lalita Jadhav says:

    Sir I really appreciate your work honesty each sum method you are teaching us you sweat your face by doing struggle thank sir I appreciate your work honesty

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    Thanks you are not sir you are my elder brother

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    Sir aap English lacture nahi loga kay

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    Thank you sir🙏🙏

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    You are the best teacher in world

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    Sir give your phone no to me

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    very easy

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    This is simplest practice set I have ever solved.

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    Nice teaching

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    sir sab samaj gaya thnks 👍👍

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