9th Algebra Problem Set 5 | Mahesh Prajapati

9th Algebra Problem Set 5 | Mahesh Prajapati

9th Algebra Problem Set 5 | Mahesh Prajapati

In this video we have solved problem set 5 of 9th std chapter 5 Linear Equations in Two Variables from question no. 5 to no. 10 word problems.

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23 Responses to “9th Algebra Problem Set 5 | Mahesh Prajapati”

  1. Barshi Gaming says:

    Handwriting 😡

  2. Kumar Singh says:

    Sir,you are great……
    What a teaching skill you have…
    Keep it up….

  3. Ruksana Khatoon says:

    Acha hai Samajhta hao

  4. MR. YOUTUBER says:

    Thank you sir 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. MR. MSG FF says:

    Thank you so much sir ❣️❤️😀

  6. Tasneem Shah says:

    Thanks sir

  7. Affan Khan says:

    Sir apnea problem set q6 Sahi nahi ek bar textbook check kariye please

  8. Anant Suryavanshi. says:

    Sir please notice The Question 6 is Wrong.Thank you.

  9. Shashank Ingole says:

    Sir aap bohot acche padhate he isliye dusron ki bad comments pr dhyan mat dijiye👍

  10. Anuradha Kulkarni says:

    You are the only one who taught the problem set so nice,thank you sir!!!

  11. Anish Bhambid says:

    Thanks you sir

  12. Nandkishor Chandekar Vlogs says:

    Thanks @Mahesh Prajapati sir helped me i my exam

  13. 9529 SHAIKH AYESHA ASHFAQ says:

    That was so necessary for me tysm sir♥️

  14. Kalyani Acharya says:

    Thank you sir

  15. HARSHAL KHADSE says:

    Sir handwriting tho theak Nekalo sir

  16. Anand Ganvir says:

    Thank U so much sir for very good explanation.. 💟👍💟

  17. OK says:

    Sir, आप यक्स (x) क्यू बोलते हो? आप एक्स(x) भी तो बोल सकते हो.
    Sir, please reply me.

  18. Anand Ganvir says:

    Thank you so much sir

  19. Sushila Gowardhan says:

    In the 9th problem how do we consider that A has travelled 70km more than B it can be vice versa?.

  20. Altaf Kaktikar says:

    Sir you are great sir vaisai to mujai math's mai koi interest nahi hai par ap teaching kartai okat pata nahi kaisai interest ataa hai

  21. akshay bombilwar says:

    8:23 textbook me 6 books diya he?

  22. Kashinath Mane says:

    Can u explain wo 79 and 77 kahase aaye??

  23. Nityanand Choudhary says:

    Very very thanks sir 💓

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