ACT Math 21 Concepts to Boost Your Score

ACT Math 21 Concepts to Boost Your Score

ACT Math 21 Concepts to Boost Your Score
HUGE ACT Math Review Video Course available for sale. 65 Concepts Covered! For a more in depth review of key ACT Math concepts with teaching and examples get this course.

ACT Math 21 Concepts to Boost Your Score. We go over formulas, sample problems, and more to help you boost your score on the math section of the ACT in this video.

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  1. Mario's Math Tutoring says:
    Hi Everyone! This video just scratches the surface with less than a third of the concepts I cover in my "HUGE ACT MATH REVIEW" video course for sale. I walk you through 65 Concepts with teaching, example problems and over 3.5 hours of video! If you like my teaching style and want additional help raising your score on the math section of the ACT this course is for you. You can click the link above, in the description or through the about page on my YouTube Channel Mario's Math Tutoring to find out more. I also have a course for the newly revised SAT one as well or you can get them both at a discount. -Mario

  2. soviet_onion_420 says:

    wow this was great your amazing thank you so much

  3. RichieRichChris says:

    This hits different when it’s 7:32 and your test is at 8:00 🥴😂

  4. Sara O'Lague says:

    how do all math teachers have the same handwriting 🧐

  5. JdPham says:

    I love ur videos. I have the act tomorrow and I'm using this to review. Keep it up teach!

  6. Fatma Khattab says:

    Thank you so much!!! This video helped me revise for my upcoming ACT test.

  7. red ribbons says:

    thank you so much!!! this was so helpful and you're awesome at teaching

  8. Josiah Patterson says:


  9. Sorangel Gomez says:

    thank you so much this was very helpful !!

  10. Adviana Kirubalin says:


  11. Maegan Baker says:

    Anyone else taking their’s on Tuesday?

  12. Wade Hood says:

    Mario, i suggest your videos to all my students! I teach an ACT prep class, and I do tutoring in the summers. Great topics! Great way to explain them too!

  13. Makayla Tilley says:

    Thank you for making these videos, they are very beneficial and are helping me so much!

  14. jdigitalTutoring says:

    Very informative. You have to recognize the type of problem it is right away to be successful.

  15. Lauren Dom says:

    Thank you handsome 😘

  16. Kris Freeman says:

    This was a refresher that I needed for my ACT in the morning. Thank you for this video!!

  17. Sage Bell says:

    Watched this video twice, ACT in two days!! Its 1am on a school night, going to bed now…

  18. Angela Liu says:

    Feb, 6 2021 ACT, people raise your hands

  19. David Johnson says:

    anyone else notice the bird sounds in the background?

  20. Mercedes Holman says:

    thank you so much!!! I feel more confident in the math section now

  21. Mads hads says:

    literally in the parking lot before I take the ACT in 30 mins watching this … I’ve gotta stop procrastinating

  22. Lindsey C says:

    score went up 6 points after watching this

  23. Ashy Knees says:

    im taking my act in 3 days and this man has helped SO MUCH thank you!!

  24. Hannah Refaie says:

    Thank You so much !

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