Adding fractions – Online tutor – Free Math Help

Adding fractions - Online tutor - Free Math Help

Adding fractions – Online tutor – Free Math Help

👉 Learn how to add and subtract fractions whose denominators are not the same. Recall that when we want to add or subtract fractions having the same denominator, we add the numerators and retain the (common) denominator. This is different when the fractions have different denominators. When adding fractions with different denominators, we convert the fractions to equivalent fractions having the same denominator. This is achieved by finding the LCM of the different denominators (the least number that the denominators can divide without remainder). We then multiply the denominators by a number which will yield the LCM. You will also multiply the numerator by the same number with which you multiplied the denominator. Notice now that the fractions have the same denominator. We can now add or subtract the numerators retaining the common denominator.

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11 Responses to “Adding fractions – Online tutor – Free Math Help”

  1. Bac Moe says:

    Hey Master ,
    I need your answer if this is true ?
    Questions is : 5/8 of 24 is 15/7 of what number?
    5/8. 24/1=15/7
    15= 15/7
    So the answer is 15 … am I right ?

  2. ibmsst says:

    Good looking teacher very helpful.

  3. Brian McLogan says:

    Hi Sandra, thank you for reaching out to me and congratulations to you for going back to school to learn the math you forgot or never understood. I am very happy to assit you with your journey back to school. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Sandra Jardeen says:

    Brian, I am a 42 year old mom getting ready to go back to college, however, my math skills are terrible! I thank you for helping me "refresh" my memory & even show me how to do some things I never did understand… You are a gift! thank you ! Maria

  5. Brian McLogan says:

    thank you, happy to help!

  6. Lochlan Hughes says:

    Your videos are so helpful!

  7. Brian McLogan says:

    your very welcome! let me know how else i can help you out

  8. Brian McLogan says:

    some people. Thanks for your response!

  9. Alina says:

    Um ok, is it supposed to matter, are you homophobic or something? Pay attention to the video and learn some math instead of trying to insult some guy who's kindly teaching for free. Thanks by the way, Mr.McLogan 🙂

  10. Brian McLogan says:

    I don't know if that is a put down or a compliment coming from you. In case you are wonder ing I am not gay, but you are free to feel however you want. Thanks for watching

  11. Jeffrey Scott says:

    You act and look gay xD

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