Advanced Algebra Tutor (College Algebra) – Functions

Advanced Algebra Tutor (College Algebra) - Functions

Advanced Algebra Tutor (College Algebra) – Functions

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In this lesson, the student will learn what a function is in Algebra, why functions are important, and how to use them.

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17 Responses to “Advanced Algebra Tutor (College Algebra) – Functions”

  1. Kai Was Here says:

    Thank you human

  2. Uranus says:

    I'm only 2 years old and I understand this.

  3. FC Tam says:

    Say I know this when I was 12!!!! on IXL. How is this college?

  4. Jeaneth Lagare says:

    I like your penmanship

  5. Mare says:

    Jesus! This is 7th grade Mathematics, how much more basic can You get?

  6. Ultra Instinct Megaman says:

    Thank you

  7. laong laan says:

    Thank you for making things clear!!!

  8. Yogis who lift says:

    he starts teaching at 2:30

  9. Jeffrey Thompson says:

    This is how maths should be taught ,step by step and simple explanation.

  10. Jaimie Liu says:

    Wow. If only, IF ONLY, my high school adv algebra teacher spoke english as clear as you. -___- SHE'S A FUCKING FOB, & CAN'T TEACH, & IS GIVING ME AN F. Fuck that bitch. I'm not even dumb, i hella try. She just…ugh…but thank you =D

  11. Ishmerai Galang says:

    advanced algebra is not a really hard subject…. we just need to comprehend and practice to understand it

  12. keiran6 says:

    i understand it and im 1 1

  13. Gwendolynn Barton says:

    hm…im only 12 and i understand that, ur a GREAT teacher!

  14. tlove21 says:

    i finally understand Math for years i couldn't get it… I failed it 3 times before passing and now I get even better… I will however ask where are your DVD's available in Jamaica

  15. Faith Durett says:

    Thank you I have had a 4.o in my college math courses all along. However this new semester I got a different book and teacher. Consequently it's not processing as easily as before. Luckily I just watched your explanation and it is just the translation I needed thank you so very much.

  16. chainy10 says:

    Wow….Just wow.

  17. Paul Kloepfer says:

    Nice video, your penmanship is quality.

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