Algebra 1 Lessons for Beginners – 5 important Lessons – Get Our Special Offer TODAY

Algebra 1 Lessons for Beginners -  5 important Lessons  - Get Our Special  Offer TODAY

Algebra 1 Lessons for Beginners – 5 important Lessons – Get Our Special Offer TODAY

Algebra 1 Lessons that will help you build a strong foundation in 30 minutes. (For grade school, high school, college and taking tests) – Get the full course TODAY
1. Introduction to Algebra
2. Add & subtract in Algebra
3. Parenthesis
4. Multiplication
5. Exponents


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45 Responses to “Algebra 1 Lessons for Beginners – 5 important Lessons – Get Our Special Offer TODAY”

  1. UltimateAlgebra says:

    Full Course Available @

  2. Clala says:

    This gives me hope in math! Thank you!

  3. Yasmeenaholic says:

    Amazing lesson!

  4. Art school says:

    Are you only teaching algebra

  5. Art school says:

    You are a good teacher

  6. Dj says:

    Omg thank you sooo much!! 🙂

  7. william Horton says:

    College algebra please

  8. Daniel Espinosa Sr. says:

    Best video I have 😁 seen.

  9. L’impératrice 369 says:

    Thank you so much , There’s no impossible yes we can . Positive vibes for u all . I love u all 🤟🏻

  10. Jessica Castro says:

    Hello, these videos have been helping me so much! Do you have videos to learn geometry?

  11. Karl Roger says:

    I hate commercials. Evil.

  12. Jennifer Manalo says:


  13. Shon _ kun says:

    I'm 15yo I'm very bad at math I can barely add, subtract ,multiply, divide, large numbers and I have no idea on what's algebra but thanks to this videos I'm finally starting to understand it I hope I can master it because I wanna achieve my goals in life and I dont want to disappoint people that cares for me

  14. mohammed Goolamhossen says:

    No commentary so far!

  15. how&why watch and learn says:


    hello kids..

  16. Sid Zad says:

    When I was in school, I struggled a lot with Algebra. I remember I always hated it for being not able to comprehend the basic principals of Algebra. Those were the days when I had no idea of the importance of the role of higher Mathematics in our lives. Maths is said to be the sciences of sciences and algebra is the driving force of mathematics. There would have been no progress in the human society without the practical use of mathematics in almost every field of human development.

    Presently, I am doing a course which involves Physics and a large number of mathematical calculations. Since my core concepts of algebra were not good, I am again struggling in keeping pace with that. So, I have decided to revisit the basic concepts of Algebra and am extremely lucky to find these tutorials. Never before I was able to learn and understand algebra in such a great way that I am literally fall in love with it. Thank you very much Ultimate Algebra for helping me. Thank you very much indeed.

  17. Christiana Ofunwa says:

    Im starting 9th grade next semster, and Im not good at math so I want a head start so I dont fail!

  18. Ernest Borsic says:

    very,very,very, good.

  19. Zoey Latsha Parker says:

    Anyone with discalcula going for their GED and scared to death?
    Gimme some hope. Which fellow discalcula people did it!!!?

  20. Pacific Oceania says:

    The problems are you don't explain how the sign is changed like minus to plus or plus to minus and so on but anyway you are incredible teacher I have seen in my life .

  21. Luk3_45 says:

    Wanna know why algebra is “so hard”.

    Because people made it hard think about it, people made algebra so they want us to suffer….

  22. King BG says:


  23. Caramel Machiato golden cheesecake says:

    Thank you @Ultimate Algebra. I love learning math skills because it has been ten years since I have gotten out of high school. Algebra is a real blessing to me. Peace out.

  24. Josh The Bear says:

    Why do you sound so bored?

  25. jesus21 says:


  26. Gooomii says:

    I'm only here because my school's education is absolute shit 🙂

  27. Thunder Bolt says:

    Question are these for freshmens?

  28. revival 125 says:

    She sounds like a robot lol

  29. Vivien Orro says:

    you are the best teacher

  30. Vivien Orro says:

    but you dont explain the positive times negative is equal to negative

  31. Vivien Orro says:

    you are good teacher but you don't explain -x= is equal to negative

  32. jessie mayfield says:

    It's Abit fast but good clear explanation, I'm taking my SAT test in a week so it's good between study break to keep my mind active

  33. Jenny Schadel says:

    Finally something that makes sense😄 because my I thought my teacher just put any numbers cause he never said example🤔 and he'd put down math problems that wasn't from the book😑 so I had failed that class😥 and this helped me😉thank you!😃

  34. 121 ハムザ says:

    More like pre alg

  35. Kevin Vu says:

    Please tell me Which software you are using?

  36. Joe Doe says:

    This seems to easy tbh, but I guess that's the point when learning basic foundation of something, its suppose to be easy.
    Anyway i'm trying to learn algebra because im dyscalculic, so I figured algebra would suit me as it's more about understanding concepts than calculations .
    Thanks for the video.

  37. rohudaboss says:

    This seems like pre algebra, not algebra

  38. A videos Channel & News says:

    Thank you

  39. Omar Deluna says:

    Will this help me in 9th grade algebra 1?

  40. Raishawna Aarons says:

    thank you sooooo much

  41. Mae Mae says:

    2:29 ??? Why can’t the x just be a negative?

  42. Cupid says:

    F**k math but thanks I passed a test because of this

  43. Hadi Ibrahim channel says:

    I hate the music but learning is fun

  44. Frances Morris says:

    I,m sicker than I ever thought possible; I love algebra! thanks for breaking it down .

  45. Mari Tanaka says:

    Thank you so much for your video I've learn a lot.

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