Algebra 2 Final Exam Review

Algebra 2 Final Exam Review

Algebra 2 Final Exam Review

Prepare for your Algebra 2, Intermediate Algebra, or College Algebra Second Semester Final Exam with this Giant Review by Mario’s Math Tutoring. We go through 47 question types with over 95+ examples in this video. Cramming last minute for your exam? Then this review is for you!

00:00 Intro
0:21 Inverse Variation
1:36 Joint Variation
3:38 Combined Variation
4:44 Graphing Inverse Variation Equations
8:44 Simplify Rational Expressions(using Factoring)
13:15 Subtracting Rational Expressions (LCD)
15:08 Solving Rational Equations
21:35 Distance and Midpoint
23:15 Probability
24:02 Permutations
25:04 Fundamental Counting Principle
28:05 Combinations (nCr)
30:10 Distinguishable Permutations of letters in a word
31:40 Permutations (nPr)
33:14 Binomial Expansion Theorem
38:53 Binomial Probability
41:13 Statistics (mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation)
45:54 Z-scores and probability
47:35 Margin of Error
48:53 Sequences Finding Terms
49:41 Summation Notation
51:05 Finding Sum of a Series in Summation Notation
51:58 Write a Rule for an Arithmetic Sequence
54:50 Write a Rule for the Geometric Sequence
57:01 Sum of a Geometric Series
59:01 Sum of an Infinite Geometric Series
1:00:00 Unit Circle finding Trig Values
1:03:19 Evaluate the 6 Trig Functions Given a Triangle
1:04:49 Solve the Triangle
1:06:35 Angle of Depression
1:08:34 Finding Coterminal Angles
1:10:01 Convert From Degrees to Radians and Radians to Degrees
1:11:14 Find Arc Length and Area of a Sector
1:13:21 Evaluate Arcsin, Arccos, Arctan
1:15:03 Solve the Triangle (Law of Sines)
1:17:15 Solve the Triangle (Law of Cosines)
1:22:05 Find the Area of the Triangle 1/2absinC
1:23:21 Heron’s Area Formula
1:24:50 Graphing Sine graphs
1:26:16 Graphing Cosine graphs
1:28:36 Graphing Tangent graphs
1:31:22 Find Sine value given Cosine Value
1:32:10 Simplify Trig Expressions using Trig Identities
1:33:00 Solving Trig Equations
1:35:33 Solving Trig Equations General Solution

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    My mom is a fellow Michigander! She recognized your accent! We love you

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    Last year I had algebra 1, this year I’m taking geometry, and for my junior year I’ll take algebra 2 and this is sooo easyyy, I can say it’s easier than geometry!

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    Will this help me learn algebra 2? I got an EOC for it in some weeks I’m in 11th grade but I just feel online learning was not good at all.

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