Algebra – Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) – Pass any Math Test Easily

Algebra - Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) - Pass any Math Test Easily

Algebra – Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) – Pass any Math Test Easily

Algebra the easiest way for Dummies/Beginners. For GED, AccuPlacer, COMPASS, SAT, ASVAB and more. Master Algebra without even Learning anything math.(DUMMY PROOF. Follow the steps and get the answer).

Algebra lessons here are well taught so that you can familiar with Algebra basics.

From our Algebra Introduction through our Basic Algebra Lessons, our Algebra 1 Lessons and more, this Algebra video is made well to make sure that you get a good Algebra review and pass any test with ease.

Go to and get the complete course and more. Follow the steps and get the answer. (DUMMY PROOF). Can be used for Pre-Algebra

Lessons Covered in Part 1
1. Addition and Subtraction in Algebra 0:00
2. Addition and Subtraction of Multiple terms 2:41
3. The Invisible One 4:23
4. Multiplication and Division 5:21
5. Multiplication and Division of Negative Numbers 6:31
6. Multiplication and Division in Algebra 9:15
7. Multiple Multiplication 11:47
8. Division in Algebra 12:46

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44 Responses to “Algebra – Basic Algebra Lessons for Beginners / Dummies (P1) – Pass any Math Test Easily”

  1. UltimateAlgebra says:

    Due to the times we are in, we are reducing all our premium courses by 50%. This will be a chance to home school with us. Get over 200 well explained videos and practice questions. Check it out at You'll be glad you did

  2. April Brown says:

    Where do I even start if I’m in college algebra, falling very behind , and haven’t done any math class in 10 years?

  3. Kevin Haycock says:

    I still dont get it 🥲

  4. Niecy Love says:

    studying so i can get into Nursing school. i always get a c in Alegbra so im re-learning everything so i can be better

  5. Zoki L says:

    My biggest question here is: are you happy or sad

  6. ShannaraXeX says:

    lol i thought algebra was this
    x3=fr34 so if 5fb=23bf then the answer is 897fc
    ty for this video

  7. Blue Rabbit Film Reviews says:

    Ugh….so many ads

  8. IsolationFunCrazy ! says:

    I’m in 5th grade and algebra actually makes sense

  9. Diego Piedmont says:

    at the start of the year i had the best teacher IN THE WORLD, she thoroughly explained every little detail, and you could ask her questions honestly, even if you didnt fully explain what you dont understand she always figured out a way to get you to completely understand the subject in a short amount of time.

    then she left, now im stuck with a old lady who literally doesnt teach only solves an answer in like 8 min and tells us good luck

  10. Sara Darulssalam says:

    Very effective.. Thank you so much

  11. Sara Darulssalam says:

    Very good video

  12. Shane David says:

    C'mon guys😭dummies


    I just want to get ahead so it’s easy to get ready and answer them easily also it’s my first time here very clear lesson

  14. Boy Jediman says:

    The way my teacher talks so fast is so hard to understand, and the way she talks is slow and we suddenly understand, I have struggles with algebra, so I watch this vid, it really helpse a lot, thank you for helping me

  15. Martin Dartoe says:

    Will this help with the asvab?

  16. C P says:

    There's no way it was this easy, I remember struggling for weeks at a time and still not understanding algebra. This made perfect sense however. Huge thumbs up for this video, you're gonna help me get through college lol

  17. Drew Jamison says:

    me in 4th grade. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. BronzDano says:

    2x + 3y = 5z

  19. Stars Star says:

    I remember when i was in junior high school. I got B grade. I would prefer to get A instead. Great to know that they making it easy to learned.

  20. Mehmoona Saghir says:

    I’m going back to college at 30! This really helped! 🙏

  21. Random says:

    After watching this I think teachers and professors make it difficult on porpoise

  22. Mathfullyexplained says:

    Try my channel mathfullyexplained. Many topics that can help you in pre-alg, geometry, alg 1, alg 2, trig done in sequence

  23. Lori Collins says:

    When she said easy right? I expected her to say WRONG 🤣🤣🤣

  24. salo pro says:

    Thank you sooo much ..from morroco🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  25. Lilliam Terrell says:

    I am legit in tears! I totally get it now after years of this. I’m taking college algebra in a few weeks and was scared to death. Thank you Thank you Thank you for explaining this in layman’s terms!

  26. This Is My Alt Account says:

    Algebra, stop asking us to find your X,
    She is never coming back and don’t ask Y

  27. quopi says:

    bro im an 8th grader and this whole school year with online classes have been so rough especially for math. My teacher just sends our worksheet for the week and turns their wifi off. I want to be a robotics engineer but I dont know anything about algebra, gonna be watching a lot of math videos this summer break.

  28. K. R. says:


  29. SpanishLady 3 says:

    Woooow thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!

    It's been years since I've tried to do any algebra…as we said back in school you'll never use it…surprise…

    Anyway way thank you!!! After years of not getting my ged DUE TO ALGEBRA…. I think I can pass with a couple more classes. Thank youuuu!!!!!!!!!

  30. kets sylie says:

    Thank you

  31. rachel r says:

    I feel better about accuplacer now just 15 secs in!

  32. sab says:

    can u pls be my math teacher x

  33. Nuhamin Bogale says:

    Love how you teach but can u explain it faster and on music behind

  34. kokichi with a gun says:

    Why do we have to waste 1 year learning Algebra when I can just watch this

  35. Vanlalhruaia Sailo says:

    im in year 5

    i just realized i saved a whole year and turned it into 15 minutes

  36. Zachary Lewis says:

    Either I didn't pay attention while in school or my teacher sucked at teaching me.

  37. Isabella Teny says:

    Assured And exact study materials for your upcoming ATI TEAS exams with 100% guarantee from Mr DAVID., he is a good tutor, he has help me pass the TEAS exams, dear friends,I will recommend working with him, He has the key to the exams 🤗🤗 you can Whatsapp mr DAVID through his WhatsApp number below

  38. 吕xiaochen says:


  39. latinbiostevo says:

    This video made alot more sense then from what I remember from high school lol.

  40. Forster Ayisi says:


  41. TROLLGE says:

    im just a grade 5 who dont know how to solve algebra so i watch this and……

    i actually get it now

  42. Bec Craig says:

    pov: you have an algebra test tomorrow

  43. Cleopatra says:

    This is the video I needed the most when I was in Grade 9 😭 I got low grades that time 😭 Why is this showing up now I am graduating? 😂 Btw, thank you very much! Very effective!

  44. The Entity says:

    Im 34. All through school I couldnt grasp Algebra, 12 minutes in and ive had my eureka moment. THANK YOU.

    I also only learned about BODMAS from my fiancee last week. i think my school was a little crap.

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