Algebra – Factoring Polynomials

Algebra - Factoring Polynomials

Algebra – Factoring Polynomials

This video explains how to factor polynomials.

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29 Responses to “Algebra – Factoring Polynomials”

  1. Ticky Tocky says:

    This should be labeled trinomial since it's terms are limited to 3. Polynomial exceeds three typically

  2. Nicholas Nelson says:

    y u look like dat?

  3. Star Jajoba says:

    So confusing!!! Just do the problem!

  4. meena jones says:

    No, no, no, no, no just stop.

  5. James Ramilo says:

    Oh man your answer is wrong…that’s not the way the teacher teach us

  6. Juganwa Comedy says:


  7. Ian Cruzito says:

    Helped a lot, thx 👍

  8. Raul Cuyun says:

    Right on. I'm 47 and I remember this but my son is doing this and I swore there was an easier way. So I go to youtube and I find this guy. Umbrella. Loved it. I'm showing my son the same way. Great job buddy!

  9. xPeRk Customs says:

    Wtf this was in 2010

  10. xPeRk Customs says:

    Wow I have been to tutor zone for a long time I was in the commercial and I can't find it anyone have a link so I can cringe at my self?

  11. Tommy DeLuca says:

    Guess and check is sooo much more faster and efficient. I used to do the x^2 + mx + px + mp method (breaking up middle term and grouping) but guess and check is a LOT easier and much better when you get to trig.

  12. Ellis Perez says:

    Let me first start by saying I'm a grown man who was driven to the point of violence because i've been struggling with this very topic since HS, this has attributed to me failing numerous math classes and being stuck in community college forever. SIR you are in every sense a true teacher , you took a subject i dreaded hated and made it so simple. This method is perfect for you if your learned how to foil with the box method like I did

  13. Lucydavil says:

    This video saved my math grade!!

  14. Faizah Ahmed says:

    I learned this method but in a less organized way, so I'm loving this.

  15. 49CentRage Hamilton says:


  16. 49CentRage Hamilton says:


  17. Celina says:

    I ❤️u!!

  18. Trillz Sammy says:

    dang bad luck for you buddy using that umbrella indoors

  19. Kodiak _ says:

    Now this is easy for me my teacher wouldn't really explain it he did one example and the he would give us a whole page to do which is not helpful but this is very helpful thank you

  20. Hunter Rosalies says:

    I'm factoring polynomials this crap is hard af

  21. wfmbu says:

    Mind blown

  22. XMD - GAYMING says:

    1000th LIKE!!!!!!!!

  23. aubrey karnes says:

    I normally really good at math but this one is confusing :$

  24. aubrey karnes says:

    I normally really good at math but this one is confusing :$

  25. Claranana Rangel says:

    Thank you, I love you!

  26. kuck stick says:

    Doesn't work with all polynomials. One example is 2x^2-5x-42. not gonna work

  27. Fanebula says:

    This really helps me in my 8th grade Algebra 1 class. The method we were using was the guess and check and it is making me fail the class.


    OMG thanks so much. I have watched 100 factoring videos and this is the only one i understand!

  29. Norma Hernandez says:

    It looks like its a rainy day so Its good thing that I brought my umbrella(whips out umbrella)

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