Algebra Review

Algebra Review

Algebra Review

This back to school video tutorial is for students who are taking algebra 1, algebra 2, or any higher level course that builds on the basics of algebra such as trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and so forth.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Review of Fractions
2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
3. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
4. Properties of Exponents and Powers
5. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
6. Combining Like Terms
7. Multiplying and Dividing Monomials
8. Distributive Property and Foil Method
9. Foiling Binomials and Trinomials
10. Solving Basic Linear Equations
11. How to Solve Equations With Variables and Parentheses on Both Sides
12. Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line
13. Solving Linear Inequalities
14. Solving Equations With Fractions and Decimals

Pre-Algebra Video Playlist:

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47 Responses to “Algebra Review”

  1. 凯瑟琳 says:

    thank u so much! though English isn't my first language, I can understand your explanation pretty well. subbed! (i have my college entrance exams tomorrow AHHHHH)

  2. Chungs Family says:

    Let’s go I got pre algebra on my uc Davis test let’s goo

  3. GandG says:

    Funny how I learned more about Algebra in here than in my classes lol

  4. Consuelo Amortegui says:

    I have my math eoc tomorrow

  5. Abida Aktar says:


  6. Chazz_US Marine says:

    I did fine in Algebra, Algebra 2, and advanced Geometry. Pre-Calc and Calc I did horrible in. I barely passed those 2 courses.

  7. Jelly says:

    Gotta go to sleep but will pick it up tomorrow

  8. Ian Daniel Buen says:

    Just here reviewing for college entrance exam
    I can easily understand this because of clear explanation. Thank you

  9. ivan caca!!! says:

    i love you

  10. EYE Spikes says:

    Recaping for university Math Placement Exam. Thank you for all the beneficial information, great video! One Love 💙👁💙

  11. Zeki Audrey Macapanton says:


  12. Latoya Wilson says:

    Simplify 6-2 time 2 plus 2 to the fifth power

  13. Richmond Jay Dela Cruz says:

    Thankk youu

  14. Bob Joe says:


  15. Ryan Cartagena says:


  16. upgirl grub says:


  17. Hashashin says:


  18. Angela Sevilla says:

    this video is such a great help! thank you!

  19. Bella Blackmist says:

    thank you so much, im getting ready to retake the ASVAB after a year of being out of school and it's so helpful to get a refresher like this

  20. lildrain3d says:


  21. j hope says:

    anyone else suffering rn

  22. justineraven says:

    37:08 Can I get a better explanation I am very confused. Why didn’t the 3 got canceled it’s both 3 but the 4 did, why was it multiplied like that am I the only one lost on this?

  23. Seiji Ma says:


  24. Dee says:

    This helped a lot, thank you!

  25. Muluadam Getaneh says:

    Very helpful

  26. Zild Tinio says:

    28:24 . don't mind, my bookmark in this vid

  27. Ezra Noveraldo says:

    Thank you🙏🙏

  28. Matthew Thompson says:

    Perfect video. I already have done my math classes for college, but it's been a couple years and i'm taking an entrance exam for nursing school. I realized i'd managed to totally forget everything i'd ever learned and needed a basic refresher. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

  29. Macaroni Matt says:

    Preparing for my first calc-1 test, this stuff was really helpful for refreshing that algebra stuff, very easy to understand in this video.

  30. Eddie Cooper says:

    helped me a lot thanks!

  31. Tiger says:

    You are very good at math and trigonometry

  32. Chizoba Nweke says:

    You don't have any idea how I love every bit of your math explanation.
    Some teachers are just horrible while some are talented. Your among the most talented teachers. Kudos. Please keep helping people that are struggling with math problems.
    I love you.💯💯💯💯💟

  33. Banujah T says:

    If you don't understand basic algerbra, learning other concepts in math can become a nightmare. Its like trying to build a house without having a solid foundation. Thanks so much for the quick review, helped me so much

  34. zx says:

    you deserve my respect and like

  35. All Engineering says:

    I should be paying u my calculus tuition instead of my university

  36. Taylor Grace says:

    Thanks! This really helped after a long break from math!

  37. Sashwat Srivastava says:

    That's you are very good teacher

  38. Reilly Hacker says:


  39. Faizo Hussein says:

    Would this help if you forgot everything from 8th grade to 10

  40. Tefi says:

    The nitgh before the classical placement test.

  41. Dr Zions Burner says:

    bookmark– 41:43

  42. Kuroshiri says:

    Bookmark Comment.

  43. mark finn says:

    Somehow I missed prime factors as a kid. The number 20 can be separated into the prime factors 2 , 2 , and 5. Or 2 times 2 times 5 equals 20. The number 6 can be separated into the prime factors 2 and 3. OR 2 times 3 equals 6 . Notice we use only prime numbers . We can arrive at the lowest common denominator 30 by multiplying only the prime factors that are common to each denominator. 2 times 3 times 5 equals 30. 30 is the lowest common denominator for the denominators 20 and 6. Notice we used each prime factor only once. Any number that is not already prime can be separated into prime factors. The procedure works for any fraction that I know of.

  44. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin says:

    This taught me more than my math teacher taught my grade in 2 weeks

  45. Memester Star says:

    Damm youtube is getting flood ed with these study damm pug ads

  46. blueify ➊ says:

    im 8 yrs old

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