Algebra Survival Guide by Josh Rappaport

The Algebra Survival Guide

The Algebra Survival Guide comes with an Algebra Wilderness “Bored Game” that gives children a fun way to practice their lessons and also with a tear-out Emergency Fact Sheet poster with all of algebra’s secret rules and formulas at your fingertips. The book has been written by Josh Rappaport who has been a winner of the Outstanding Young Educator award, is a teacher and a tutor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Josh runs an online community at to help students and parents to overcome the fears of algebra.

Algebra Survival Guide begins its conversation with What is algebra?, its Properties & Sets of Numbers and gradually steps further to Positive & Negative Numbers, Order of Operations & Like Terms, Absolute Value, Exponents, Radicals, Factoring, Cancelling, Equations, Coordinate Plane & Word Problems.

The book very well defines algebra as a branch of mathematics that performs the magic trick – it takes something that’s unknown and poof! – turns it into something known. Algebra does this by using letters (variables) to stand for mystery numbers, and giving you a process to let you discover the value of the variables. The book lays the following reasons to study & learn algebra:

  • Studying algebra boosts your chances of going to college and succeeding in today’s world. Studies show that taking algebra, and following it with geometry, dramatically boosts a student’s chance of going to college. In fact, a 1990 College Board study found that students who take algebra and geometry stand a much greater chance of attending college than students who don’t take these courses. And, of course, to succeed in today’s high-tech/information-age economy, you must have a good education.
  • Learning algebra can help you find a good-paying job. Anyone who wants to work in any field of science – computer science, astronomy, medicine, psychology, genetics, etc – needs to know algebra. That’s because all the science rely on algebra and on the higher maths.
  • Knowing algebra will help you survive the “big, bad world.” Understanding algebraic ratios helps you become a smart comparison shopper; understanding percentages helps you make sense of the statistics thrown at you by the media. The ways to use algebra are numerous.
  • Algebra teaches you to solve difficult problems. By developing your algebraic mental muscles, you strengthen your ability to tackle problems in life, for learning algebra improves your ability to think clearly.
  • Learning algebra teaches you about yourself. Since algebra is a product of the human mind, studying algebra gives you insight into how your own mind works. Learning this subject shows the logical thought patterns that are part of you just because you’re human.

Find below some reviews given by journals & magazines for The Algebra Survival Guide:

  • What the Survival Guide does is make algebra approachable, even without a teacher. In some ways, it even makes algebra simple. – Shasta Parent Magazine
  • The unique and user-friendly Algebra Survival Guide is here to save the day! It is well organized, and easy to understand. – Bay Area Parent Magazine
  • The Algebra Survival Guide will help calm the nerves of any student lost in the letters and numbers of algebra. – Mathematics Teacher, a journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • The Algebra Survival Guide will help students navigate the sea of confusion many find in the ‘Algebra Wilderness.’ – L. A. Parent Magazine

The Algebra Survival Guide by Josh Rappaport can be bought in US$ 13.57 from

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