This math video tutorial provides a basic introduction into algebra.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Adding and Subtracting Like Terms
2. Properties of Exponents
3. Multiplying Monomials
4. Dividing Monomials
5. Exponents and Powers
6. Zero Power Exponents
7. Negative Exponents
8. Factoring The GCF
9. Factoring Difference of Squares
10. How To Factor By Grouping
11. Factoring Sums and Differences of Perfect Cubes
12. Factoring Trinomials
13. Solving Basic Equations By Addition and Subtraction
14. Solving Linear Equations By Multiplication and Division
15. Solving Equations With Variables and Parentheses on Both Sides
16. How To Solve Equations With Fractions

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27 Responses to “Algebra”

  1. synix says:

    This helped ALOT

  2. Depths says:

    Best tutor no cap

  3. onyinye stella says:

    You're a blessing to me
    I'm learning chemistry from you
    Thank you

  4. Rzaak Doski says:

    excellent thank you so much

  5. Prince Alexei Torio says:

    You are better at teaching than my laggy math teacher, thanks

  6. Woof Woof says:

    As soon as i saw that the vid was 59mins(no edits?) long i began praising him more. Truly he has given hope for our math *in general. May God Bless you more bro, you don’t know how much youve helped us; to kids and everybody watching ur videos. Keep it up. Always remember to be humble yet work hard and smart. Stay Safe.

  7. megajeremy3000 says:

    I wish I had teachers like you growing up. I finally understand this for the first time in my life!

  8. Gyro_Zyanz ツ says:

    Dear algebra,

    Please stop telling people to find your x, she's never coming back.

  9. Gyro_Zyanz ツ says:

    The only thing I understand about Algebra: I look at my X and I wonder Y

  10. ebrahim shawish says:

    Bruh, thank you so much about factoring, there are so problems in my head in factoring, but you solved all of them, thank so much, I wish the god give you all what you need brother

  11. Kyra Attah says:


  12. Julies Cheeser says:

    Thank you so much! I'm 11 years old and this helps me understand this much better 😀

  13. Cool Catboi says:

    Watching this at midnight

  14. Green says:

    Dudesss, could you all write about this channel in the future maybe on 1 june? I'll be grateful well… because I am a little busy for watch the channel… Heh but I still hope to learn math well…

  15. Tactical says:

    14:02 just a bookmark pls ignore

  16. catherine chung says:

    Thanks for making so many videos on algebra glad I'm found your channel, to get a better understanding

  17. May says:


  18. Marlon Anonuevo says:


  19. Christopher Solano Medina says:

    I wish I can hear you say hello 911 this guy took my teddy beaaa

  20. Christopher Solano Medina says:

    He sounds like mark wahlberg

  21. Horiya Gul says:

    I don't even do math, but that voice can do me

  22. Amanda _ says:

    I learned algebra so fast with this sjdbahv my teachers could never

  23. 편경훈 says:

    대수학을 시작함에 있어서 정말 기본중의 기본을 설명해주는 영상인 것 같습니다. 저 역시 몇몇의 학생들을 가르쳐보았지만 이렇게 이해하기 쉽게 설명해주신다면 대수학 입문자들에게 정말 좋은 영상이 될 수 있을 것 같습니다.

  24. Keydi Lopez says:

    I was literally scared of numbers until I find your videos THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  25. Muhajir Rahman says:

    Could anyone explain me what is the difference between udemy algebra course and he is teaching algebra in youtube



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