All of Algebra in just over 1 Hour!! Foundation & Higher Grade 4-9 Maths Revision | GCSE Maths Tutor

All of Algebra in just over 1 Hour!! Foundation & Higher Grade 4-9 Maths Revision | GCSE Maths Tutor


All of Algebra in just over 1 Hour!! Foundation & Higher Grade 4-9 Maths Revision | GCSE Maths Tutor

A video revising the techniques and strategies for all of the foundation & higher only Algebra topics that you need to achieve a grade 4-9 in your GCSE maths.

These topics are the essential ‘crossover’ and ‘higher only’ topics that appear on both the foundation & then higher only GCSE papers in the (9-1) maths GCSE. This however is not ALL of the question styles within the GCSE. Further videos can be found on the channel for a more in depth look at some of these ‘higher only’ topics.

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These are the calculators that I recommend:

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Enjoy the video!

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Disclaimer: It would be impossible to cover every single topic in the maths curriculum in this timeframe, the topics chosen here are the fundamental topics that I work on with my own students studying for the higher tier exam. You should always conduct your own subject analysis using your revision guides and teachers to ensure that you cover any aspects of topics not mentioned in this particular video.

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35 Responses to “All of Algebra in just over 1 Hour!! Foundation & Higher Grade 4-9 Maths Revision | GCSE Maths Tutor”

  1. The GCSE Maths Tutor says:

    After popular request here is an accumulation of the Algebra topics across foundation and higher. The first half covers topics across both papers and at 42:10 it begins the higher only content! Enjoy 😁 don’t forget to subscribe!

    Also, at 13:44 it should say ‘c=-2’ and not ‘y=-2’ – whoops! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Ebube H says:

    Thanks a lot. I have a huge test for the end of Year 9 for Year 10 and used you to help revise. You're so good. Probably the best revision for maths I've like used online.
    Keep on the good work dude. TY

  3. KYA Ellen says:

    POV: you failed Algebra 1 as a freshman and your going to have to retake it as a sophomore.

  4. Jordan The One says:

    massive thank you.
    I've got a lot of upcoming test this week and this really helped, especially since I tend to struggle in maths a lot.

  5. aleesa says:

    31:40 inequalities on graph

  6. Kevin Azoska-Pereira says:

    "All of Algebra in just over 1 Hour!! " JUST

  7. Ashraf Ramadhan says:

    0_o :))

  8. Dazzletoad says:

    isn't the 15x + 12 (-) 6x +4 supposed to result in 9x +8?

  9. Serena Tchiengue says:

    Hello. At 41:44 isn''t it suppose to be y= 3x-5?

  10. Velayudham says:

    Hi @14:07, it should be “b = 3” and “c = -2” not “y”.

  11. shahd meziati-mine says:

    Hi I have an algebra test coming up does this cover all the topics that come under algebra, this is what my teacher put

  12. Yassin Ibrahim says:

    41:45, shouldn't it be 3x-5?

  13. Gaming Guides says:

    At 1hour 23 mins for x2 you forgot to add the 2 on to the formula

  14. Albus Dumbledore says:

    At 13:56 why is y=c?

  15. sxm 33 says:

    thanks to this I will be going up from a 6 to 7/8 🙂

  16. michka enke says:

    what is 1:27:00 equation called?

  17. Stellarr says:

    I’m working with linear equations in algebra, we are working on systems of equations and learning to find a slope-intercept algebraically

  18. Ibrahim Irfan says:

    At 1:10:48, wouldn't it be -0.852? Thanks

  19. Reda Harban says:

    Is the gcse mathe and the igcse math the same ??

  20. Stefan Wright says:

    I’m literally 11 and now understand most algebra at this level from this video bro you are awesome

  21. Kamaldeep Singh Bachus says:

    This is amazing! May I ask what tool you using as your whiteboard?

  22. Halo Playz says:

    The 3 dislikes are the people who failed their GCSE.

  23. Crystal Malane says:

    pov: you have an algebra test tomorrow (yes I am a psychic and I can read your mind) btw great vid

  24. nxtinthemxxd teeh3e says:

    Saving lives across the country 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. Andrew DEVERN says:


  26. Merit Ayo says:

    Could you consider doing exam style questions based on each topic?

  27. Madina Hussain says:

    sir can you please link the name of the topic at 23:17 and 26:45 thank you 🙂

  28. Callum Mullaney says:

    Yohohoo, cheers there cheeky lad, this GCSE Maths tutor geezer right here is saving my maths GCSE oioi

  29. bulletgoat29 says:

    Love this

  30. Lolll Hello says:

    Do you mean that c is -2 because otherwise the question would not make sense

  31. Lolll Hello says:

    5:12 doesn’t a negative and a negative make a positive so the answer for 6xsquared -8x-9x+12 be 6xsquared +17x +12

  32. cyclonegamer says:

    thank you very much you have made maths easier for me.

  33. Luis says:

    Amazing video helped me so much

  34. susu's lifestyle says:

    Thank u for uploading this🤘

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