Application to the Headmaster Requesting him to Consider Exemption of School Fees

Respected Sir,

My son, ____________ (Name) a student of your school is reading in class ____________, section ____________. He is although a very good student possessing amiable disposition and good conduct. Needless to mention, his class teachers are also highly satisfied with the progress of his studies.

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My financial soundness has of late deteriorated on account of decline in my business/closure of factory office where I was in employment in the capacity of____________.

In my present financial predicament, I am finding extreme difficulty in maintaining my family – what to talk of bearing educational expenses of my son. My son is the only hope of my family and is destined to become a luminary because of soundness in his educational career, which should be patronised by your good-self.

Under the circumstances, extending your kind help in the matter of prosecuring his studies in your school by way of granting remission of his School fees will be highly appreciated by me and I am sure you will be very kind enough to come forward with your helping hand under my present trying circumstances for which I will remain ever grateful to you.

With best regards

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

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