[ASMR] Maths Teacher Teaches You Algebra – Writing Sounds, Close Up

[ASMR] Maths Teacher Teaches You Algebra - Writing Sounds, Close Up

[ASMR] Maths Teacher Teaches You Algebra – Writing Sounds, Close Up

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37 Responses to “[ASMR] Maths Teacher Teaches You Algebra – Writing Sounds, Close Up”

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    Most children would be bored at this overslow and silence approach. Sorry! Too much time wasted.

  2. Red says:

    Dunno why everyone freaks out about algebra. This stuff gives me life. English is the thing I fall asleep to.

  3. DarkKitty Edgelord says:

    I hate math but damn Sophie can be my teacher!

  4. Ember . exe says:

    My maths teacher is nothing like this 😢. When the teacher whips out the CGP book you know they aren’t messing around

  5. Altern 8 says:

    Just wanted to say that this thumbnail is you looking perfection. In my opinion.

  6. Ollie Beantown says:

    Those slow page turns at the start gave me hella tingles

  7. Conteur Cosmique says:

    ..(Gentle whisper) Super smart storyteller legend!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Sage McAllister says:

    Maths are fun.
    They've always been enjoyable.

  9. Tech with shashin says:

    its better

  10. Tarian says:

    Me- looks into desk, sees identical book to thumbnail, OoOoH mR wIlLiAmS, tHiS lAdY hAs ThE sAmE bOoK aS mE yOuR dOiNg SoMeThInG rIgHt

  11. ACID346 says:

    Wish my maths teacher was like this

  12. enxvictoria says:

    This came on autoplay while I was falling asleep and I thought it was emma watson speaking aah!

  13. Hans says:

    Math makes me wanna Kurt Kobain

  14. NOSA says:


  15. Cxsmic Slayers says:

    I got given that math book today bye my teacher well the ks3 one

  16. G Wolf says:

    If she wouldve tought in high School I still may have not learned anything but I wouldve payed a lot more attention.

  17. Thomas Williams says:

    Now I'm not a nerd I'm far from smart but I rlly enjoy math and I don't now why

    But I fucking hate algebra

  18. AlwaysClxmps-_- says:

    U look like Reilly Reid in the thumbnail

  19. your math tutor says:

    Me watching as an algebra tutor 😳

  20. Comrade Dmitrievich says:

    Nice and soothing with the book, and writing, and whispering, and pronunciation…

  21. Hisokas mom Karen says:

    I need a teacher that will have a very soothing voice and whisper .. also don’t force me to do the maths and I get embarrassed when she yells at me 😪

  22. Ethan Parry says:

    Oi miss just shut up and get on with the lesson will ya?

  23. Twilight Trinity says:

    This would be really good for my software engineering passion.

  24. Nick Streisel says:

    Wait no I haven’t been in school for a while but I believe she got the first one wrong. If you have 2(p+3) you do what she said & multiply so you have 2p+6. But then you have to make it equal something so you add the = sign & subtract 6 from the right side & add it to the left so you have -6= 2p but then you divide everything by 2. & you’re left with -3=p. BOOM I DID MATHS SMORT BOY. Wait just watched 2 more equations. Why isn’t she finding out what the variable is equal to this is stressing me out.

  25. Daniel and friends says:

    At my primary I would always have that book cause if we didn't have it we would get detention every day until I had it

  26. Aires says:

    when you have maths school work but wanna sleep, boom F U S I O N

  27. Sophie idk says:

    im meant to be doing math now………. great

  28. Erin Falconer says:

    Who is watching this on quarantine? ❤️

  29. gogoprofit says:

    Man algebra is easy but I can't find any better asmr maths do I guess this will have to do

  30. Court Fool says:

    May I go to the bathroom please

  31. Candy 123 says:

    Im curious, are the results correct? I suck at maths lol

  32. 2B or not 2B says:

    her: explains maths
    my dyscalculia ass, nodding despite not understanding: 🙂

  33. Alejandro Betancourt says:

    You are left handed!! I always love meeting a fellow lefty 🙂

  34. CHICKEN NUGGET says:

    My hand is raised

  35. 32.- Sedeño Trujillo Irvin Sahi says:

    Math and ASMR. A good combination.

  36. Napoléon Bonaparte says:

    A little bit…🙃

  37. GucciRKK says:

    I really love Algebra and any other kinds of math's shape! I also wanna learn more of those so i watched this video!

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