Best Whiteboard for Online Tutors

Best Whiteboard for Online Tutors

Best Whiteboard for Online Tutors
I’ve found a tool that’s being used by online tutors around the world to teach every subject from maths and science to law and finance. It’s called BitPaper and it’s a fantastic collaborative online whiteboard that’s totally free to use.

I invited one of the BitPaper team members to join me on a live webinar to share how this top tutoring tool can be used to provide professional, interactive, online (or face to face) lessons.

In the webinar, I shared how I’m currently using BitPaper to teach ESL as well as showcasing some examples of how tutors are using it to teach subjects like algebra, statistical analysis, (and a throw back to my days learning biology at school) what happens to potato in a sugar solution!

Watch the video to find out the fate of the potato (and how you can stand out from the crowd by using BitPaper to teach quality online lessons).

To enrol for free on the ‘How To Tutor Online with Zoom’ course I mentioned in the video, click here:

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4 Responses to “Best Whiteboard for Online Tutors”

  1. fathima farhana says:

    Bit paper now is not free

  2. Rustha Fathima says:

    Hello! Can BitPaper be used to write from both the tutor and the student ends?

  3. StatsGopher says:

    Hello, what would be a convenient writing tool that works well with this whiteboard? A regular mouse doesn't work very well, and I don't want to purchase a tablet just to use as a writing surface. I am just looking for a pen of some sort– if you can recommend a specific model, that would be great. Thanks!

  4. Atul Rana says:

    Brilliant webinar, love online tutoring as it has changed my life as as educator completely.

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