Calculus 1 – Introduction to Limits

Calculus 1 - Introduction to Limits

Calculus 1 – Introduction to Limits

This calculus 1 video tutorial provides an introduction to limits. It explains how to evaluate limits by direct substitution, by factoring, and graphically.

Full 40 Minute Video:

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38 Responses to “Calculus 1 – Introduction to Limits”

  1. Πετρος Νικου says:

    Στρατό μετά συνταξη καλή δουλειά μόνος

  2. selma abdirizak says:

    Teacher can i solve it with another method like to put the 2 inside the bracket and subtract 4_4 dividing by _4 = and the answer is 4 as you solved it 😬 sorry about my freaking English I mean broken 😂

  3. fernando fuller says:

    how the negative 1 is there, i dont understand

  4. II7MDJ _ says:

    I was here at: 12th of Jun 2021 at 10:39PM
    Studying for G12 finals

  5. Jennie Pamisa says:

    I like the tutor it help me to solve my school activities!
    Can I ask? need help, how to solve if the limit x is negative like (-2)

  6. Franchezca Plaisival says:

    Thank youuuu!!!!

  7. Carina Estapia says:


  8. Parami Dhananjani says:

    the tutor of the year………………………………………………

  9. mjrh AD says:


  10. Dayjaney Mckoy says:


  11. Ugo Uchendu says:


  12. senex says:

    i used your examples to study and when i used it in my exam my professor told me i was using the wrong approach

  13. Bob by says:

    I'm convinced the ppl that write math books are just trying to flex

  14. KING SERGII says:

    Amazing how he can talk at a slow pace and do more for me in 20 minutes than my lectures in 2 hours

  15. Bilingual Lyrics says:

    thanks alot dream!!!

  16. Jiboy says:

    extremely!!!! helpful <3 i get it now, thank u!

  17. M k98 says:


  18. Albertina Nyamai Vlogs says:

    this literally made me understand more

  19. Bro Collins Ouma says:


  20. Bro Collins Ouma says:


  21. Van Saturinas says:


  22. TheUnknownGamer says:

    I usually used this as sleeping pills

  23. Mugina Karugire says:

    You are incredible man

  24. Ai Kawaii says:

    Im in this detention camp where I have to deal with math crap im not supposed to deal with in my current grade level, and since i am not comprehending any of the bull theyre talking about limits, here I am, watching this video, preparing to kill myself if I still dont get the damn topic after watching this.

  25. Titi The boss says:

    Omg, maths followers saver

  26. Brian W. says:

    you are literally no different than a average teacher

  27. Brian W. says:

    you don't exxplain anything

  28. Deborah Kesiilwe says:

    Thank you Sir ❤️❤️🥺‼️

  29. Jenzia Ramirez says:

    Why are the questions on our math test, ask for the limit of a certain value in either left or right, but it does not have a graph? How to solve it?

  30. Vedanshi Patel says:

    Before looking over this video I was not able to solve a single limit problem. But now I can solve all of it. Thanks a lot.

  31. Lamin Barrow says:

    I'll start paying my tuition to you

  32. Neowb ! says:

    is it always -4 and -2?

  33. Mohamed Warsame says:

    i never comment on youtube videos, but I had to! You're a gem! keep it up star 🙂

  34. Harry The Koala says:


  35. Brokizz says:

    I still don't understand the graph part….not lucid at all

  36. Michelle Libron Mabitad says:

    You really help me to learn advance on our lessons thnk you so much…

  37. Calculus Academy says:

    Very nice

  38. NOUR HOUDANOUR says:

    in the 5th exaple why it doesnt equal the infinity and thanks

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