Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1: An Introduction to Limits

Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1:  An Introduction to Limits

Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1: An Introduction to Limits

Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1: An Introduction to Limits

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26 Responses to “Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1: An Introduction to Limits”

  1. Pahanin says:

    My calculus final exam is tomorrow

  2. Amrit Pyakurel says:

    Helping students since 2012!

  3. Shivani Srivastava says:

    Thank you very much sir

  4. mattp12 says:

    Why am I watching this I’m not even taking calculus

  5. Charles Lowe says:

    Wow, I had calculus I about 27 years ago. I remember that I didn't understand how limits worked, now I do. Thank you for posting this great explanation of limits. Fully understand now.

  6. Tut Kuany Kok says:

    Is this the same Calculus in Petroleum Engineering? I want to join PE but I'm told that mathematics especially Calculus is the hardest.

  7. Yash Nichal says:

    indians were seriously so brilliant at math .

  8. 2TriedForThis says:

    I actually searched this up😃

  9. sarara alaazm says:

    like it so much i great full

  10. S H says:

    he looks like Clark Kent from Superman.

  11. Carla Sanchez says:

    Thank for for this, helped me a ton!

  12. cruz loera says:

    He is hot af

  13. Bilal K8900 says:

    Y" + Y' -2 = 2t, Y(0), Y'(0)= 1

  14. evt beqele nadi feyisa says:

    calculus is easy except you make it complex , if people in the 16th c unde4stood it you can too.

  15. Dan Mart says:

    The worst teacher ever. Boring!!!!!! Send him to Siberia !!!

  16. 93hz says:

    I remember when life was simple

  17. Lost says:

    craZy brooooooooo

  18. Nicholas Shook says:

    what book does this follow?

  19. Danaz Star says:

    what you know about rolling down in the deep

  20. Christine Acabo says:

    2021 anyone? I'm really amazed by this teacher, btw I'm a BSED GRAD. Major in Math. You're such an inspiration to us sir. God bless❤

  21. Kevin Ding says:

    Thanks so much for this! I'm watching at 1:13 am in the morning and it's absolutely beautiful.

  22. Saahir Rajab says:

    Dear Professor Leonard (and any other boffin who may see this 😉 )
    P.S. Prof: I'm sorry about spamming these on your videos. I'm just in desperate need of help. I understand if you can't provide it personally – you seemingly have a lot on your plate as is! However, I am hopeful that at least somebody knows how to get around this.

    I am studying a Calculus I course at my university, but the work is wayyy more rigorous than how it is laid out in the textbook, or even how it is on the internet. Professor Leonard has helped me a lot in getting me to understand the basics and my marks have gone up by 5-10% ever since. But I still can't understand some concepts in the calculus context. (ie. Triangle inequality, bijection, invertible, and many others). For a better idea of what I am complaining about, here is a OneDrive link with my previous homework assignments: @t

    Thank you so much for anyone who may help me! Also, thank you to Professor Leonard for giving the motivation and confidence to see that I can get around this huge obstacle. I may not be around it yet, but you have at least given me the confidence and have picked me up when I was down

  23. Michael Lai says:

    28:00 is actually brilliant

  24. Science Simplified says:

    Haha wow, I haven’t seen one of these lectures in years.. i dropped out of my sophomore year of college and worked odd jobs for nearly a decade. However, i was offered the chance to enroll into my university with the condition that i pass calculus 2. At this point i had forgotten even the basics of algebra and was terrified of the prospect of relearning all of math just to pass a calc 2 class to reenroll into my university. Thanks to these lectures and these lectures alone, now i am a first year medical student. Your lectures were the best resource i found online so sincerely thank you!

  25. Angel Lopez says:


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