Calculus 3 – Intro To Vectors

Calculus 3 - Intro To Vectors

Calculus 3 – Intro To Vectors

This calculus 3 video tutorial provides a basic introduction into vectors. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Scalar quantities vs vector quantities
2. Speed vs velocity
3. Vectors as directed line segments
4. How to find the vector given the initial point and terminal point
5. How to find the find the component form of a vector
6. How to calculate the magnitude of a vector using its components
7. How to determine if two vectors are equivalent
8. Adding and subtracting vectors graphically
9. Performing vector operations
10. Position vectors and unit vectors
11. How to find the unit vector given the components of a vector
12. Standard unit vectors – i j k
13. Linear combination of standard unit vectors
14. How to find the components of a vector given its magnitude and angle
15. How to find the magnitude and angle of a vector in component form
16. How to calculate the resultant force of two vectors


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41 Responses to “Calculus 3 – Intro To Vectors”

  1. Sabeha Madeh says:

    You are excellent 👍

  2. Avanith says:

    I owe this man my A in Calc 2 and here I am back for Calc 3 videos. Thank you, OCT!

  3. YOUNG BIN LEE says:

    is he using his mouse to write?

  4. Melly R says:

    Fun fact I put this on at night to fall asleep… it works wonders

  5. AK says:

    MORE CALC 3. Don't Stop, please.

  6. AK says:

    Did the Organic Chemist just tell a joke? I LOVE IT.

  7. Name Here says:

    can't thank you enough.

  8. Chrome Update says:

    I fell asleep right when your getting into terminal points.

  9. Ashaundre Bennett says:

    Late ik, but why does he say (3,4) is 3y and x4, when it is 3x and y4? I was always taught "you crawl before you walk" not the other way around lol. Prob an honest mistake but just wanted to point it out. 8:50

  10. Bradley Campbell says:

    Wait so am I not supposed to be learning this in pre-cal?

  11. zaimah zaherman says:

    whenever i don't attend online class or i don't understand what's my lecturer said, i go to this channel. THANKS SIR!!! you HELP me ALOT!!

  12. Jerry Wong says:

    just go clarify, @ 51:22 the magnitude is supposed to be sqr(73) and not 73 right?

  13. Lucky pancit says:

    ich finde das aber gar nicht gut… nein

  14. del says:

    Thank you a lot for clearing my doubts but

    I am not even studying calc 3 why is this in my recommended

  15. GODZILLA KONG says:

    Is there anyone got the calc 3 playlist?

  16. Egitch says:

    dude 16 days late bruh u shouldve sent this august 8 for my bday 🙁

  17. Arza says:

    At 47:40 wouldnt that be a magnitude of Root 73? Just confused otherwise great lecture!

  18. Zack 120 says:

    51:20 – for θ with O = 8, A = 3, but H = 73 ? it must be sqrt thereof.

  19. agressive weeaboo says:

    i love you.

  20. Allen Mushema says:

    I like it👊👊

  21. M. Muhammadsodiq says:

    Really cooooooool video thanks a lot bro. Good luck☺

  22. Tyler Matthews says:

    youre actually a top g, thank you so much for your videos

  23. malcom mutsindikwa says:

    kkkkkkk u the best 80 degrees east made my day

  24. Bayissa Abdissa says:


  25. On programming says:

    How you can write on the computer with this accuracy of the type?

  26. Albatul Arts says:

    Thank you 🧡

  27. Masamba Mumba says:

    Chem engineering approves ! youre an amazing tutor

  28. Cj Edwards says:

    Man if you could start doing probability videos, that would be absolutely amazing.

  29. Logan Youknowwhoiam says:

    @theorganicchemistry tutor, can you please teach me physics because my professor is not helping anyone in my class

  30. Momna Iqbal Akbar says:

    2:20 Omg what is my humor turned into

  31. cjunsun says:

    At around 51:48, in the third quadrant, I think theta= theta_R + 180, rather than theta= theta_R -180. Am I right?

  32. Nic says:

    You’re amazing dude just remember that you helped countless people including me!

  33. Official Pioneer says:

    Live you man but i wish you had timestamps

  34. Lil Scoobs says:

    This is the first thing we're covering in calc 2. Is this normally a calc 3 thing?

  35. noura haq says:

    Thank you so much

  36. Pammi Choudhary says:

    thanks a lot sir…

  37. ANiME USAK says:


  38. ikku nbs says:

    please vector space

  39. Huszon • 24 years ago says:

    Whoaa i dont believe i have finished 1 hour of calculus video. Thank you!

  40. Adam Noris says:

    51:45 Q3= theta R + 180

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