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Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H. Selby

A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H. Selby

If you studied algebra years ago and now need a refresher course in order to use algebraic principles on the job, or if you’re a student who needs an introduction to the subject, here’s the perfect book for you. Practical Algebra is an easy and fun-to-use workout program that quickly puts you in command of […]

Postulates for the natural numbers

natural number

Every natural number a has a successor a + 1. (For example, the successor of 5 if 6, the successor of 10 is 11, and so on.) Every natural number a (except 1) has a predecessor a – 1. (The predecessor of 4 is 3, the predecessor of 9 is 8, and so on.) The […]

Algebra I for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling

Algebra I for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling

Algebra I for Dummies is a book by Mary Jane Sterling who has taught mathematics at Bradley University since 1979, and has also taught math at the high school and junior high school levels. Algebra I for Dummies provides a pain-free way to explore algebra and believe the reviewers, you would come out smiling. Does […]

How are expressions formed?

Algebra 2

We know very well what a variable is. We use letters x, y, l, m, … etc. to denote variables. A variable can take various values. Its value is not fixed. On the other hand a constant has a fixed value. Examples of constant are: 4, 100, -17, etc. We combine variables and constants to […]

Algebra Survival Guide by Josh Rappaport

The Algebra Survival Guide

The Algebra Survival Guide comes with an Algebra Wilderness “Bored Game” that gives children a fun way to practice their lessons and also with a tear-out Emergency Fact Sheet poster with all of algebra’s secret rules and formulas at your fingertips. The book has been written by Josh Rappaport who has been a winner of […]

A-Plus Notes for Beginning Algebra: Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 by Rong Yang


The A-Plus Notes for Beginning Algebra: Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 by Rong Yang includes topics on Algebra such as Real Numbers, Decimals, Number Theory, Fractions, Percents, Equations, Functions & Graphs, Factoring, Inequalties & Absolute Value, Systems of Equations, Systems of Inequalities, Radicals, Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Functions, Rational Expressions and Statistics & Probability along with standardized […]

How to Find the Best Algebra II Tutor Online Tutoring Service

Algebra 3

Find qualified and reliable Algebra II tutor can be a daunting task for any parent. This short article will describe what you as a parent should look for when hiring an Algebra II tutor for your child. The Tutor really know the subject? The first thing to find a tutor in Algebra II is a […]

Math Tutoring – Problems Need to be Divided Or it Would Be Multiply

Algebra 4

Mathematics is the most common topic that students need a mentor. Not everyone has a mathematical ability, so teachers are often needed in this area. When a child to school they begin to learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the majority of children, these areas very well. Then there are fractions, decimals […]

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