Complex Numbers Class 11 | Maths Chapter 5 | Hindi

Complex Numbers Class 11 | Maths Chapter 5 | Hindi

Complex Numbers Class 11 | Maths Chapter 5 | Hindi

👉NCERT Solutions Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations:
👉Detailed Video Series on Class 11 “Complex Numbers :

Roshni Mam’s TEDx Talk (Her Vision and Journey):

Complex numbers and Quadratic equations – Class 11 | Complex number |Chapter | CBSE Maths | NCERT | Formulas Trick | Chapter 5 l | Questions and Answers | Complex numbers Complete Chapter in 1 video NCERT Class 11 Math | Polar Representation | Argand Represenation | Algebra Complex Numbers | Graphical Representation of Complex Number

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32 Responses to “Complex Numbers Class 11 | Maths Chapter 5 | Hindi”

  1. Hariesh Arun says:

    Miss I enjoyed this 1 hour, other teacher can't make us understand this lesson in 1 month but u did it in 1 hour…..
    One of the best teacher in my life…..

  2. rohan yadav says:


  3. Jay Kumar says:

    Sin thita =0, then thita =nπ how

  4. Nikita Choudhary says:

    Thankyou so much mam

  5. BABY BANSAL says:

    Aap pe rakh rahe hai

  6. Mahi Jaiswal says:

    Any good girl/boy who is studying at the starting of the session ????

  7. Vansh Thakur says:

    🤙palat denge

  8. Santosh Kumar Bihari says:

    Tq mam

  9. Anjana G says:

    Mam please do the video on trigonometric transformation .

  10. Kr Piyu&h! says:

    Perfect Explanation!!🙏💯🔥

  11. Nitesh Pawar says:

    Thank you so much mam aapki vjahse 1 chapter 1 din me complete ho jata hai

  12. jay rajput says:

    46:27 minutes pe apne kuch galti ki hai 3-2i ki jagah 4-2i bta diya hai


    Mam what is the value of pie

  14. Ayush Raj says:

    Unbelievable session 🤗😍👌🤙

  15. Nikita Rao says:

    Nice mam😊😁

  16. sandeep kumar says:

    mam 3+i√4 Ko Argand plane pr present kar sakty hai

  17. Im Cypher 2.0 says:

    Go with "Subject Teacher" no one can beat in mathematics in this whole world mark my words

  18. Anexeus says:

    Ultra Ultra legends are watching after 10th cancellation and studying previous chapters. 😂

  19. Akankshs Pathak says:


  20. Akankshs Pathak says:

    Sarare teacher had physics wallah app par 5 to 6 hours mai har chapter pad hate hai or physics wallah par teacher best hai or yah and see padhenge toh iit kya 12 the pass nahi kar payenge

  21. Meesala Venkatesh says:

    Mam, Is there any app for preparation of groups. Please help me mam

  22. Jay Kumar says:

    I liked

  23. Jay Kumar says:

    Best teaching mam

  24. Queen of Hearts 126 says:

    48:57 kaise bhaiee….samjghado koi pls

  25. Shabeer Husyn says:

    Legends watches this chapter one night before exam

  26. satish goswami says:

    Everyone completing a chapter of mathematics in 3-4 video each of 60-70 minutes

    But Roshni Mam: Toh chalo baccha party khatam karte hai yeh chapter 1 ghante me!!!!

  27. Janu says:

    Ma'am Please give me telegram link…

  28. Deepti Gangwar says:

    Overview of chapter is nicely explained

  29. Janu says:

    “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning". End is not the end, in fact E.N.D. means "Effort Never Dies." If you get No as an answer, remember N.O. means “Next Opportunity”, So let’s be positive.”

  30. Pranav Chaudhary says:

    very good explanation .I am a Allen Chandigarh student and i have taken dummy admission in a local school .I haven't attended even a single lecture of school and in my instituion ncert chapters are not yet started

    And day after tomorrow is my school exam and at this point of time iam now able to give my school exam

  31. GAMING INSAAN says:

    at 7:40 , you said a and b are real numbers but in definition b is not real, it is imaginary????

  32. HARSHIT RAJPUT says:

    Nice explanation

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