Compounding Continuously Pert Formula

Compounding Continuously Pert Formula

Compounding Continuously Pert Formula

How to Compound Continuously. This formula is A=Pe^rt. Finding Compound interest.

0:10 Formula for Compounding Continuosly
0:16 Approximate Value for Natural Base e
0:33 Example 1
1:14 Example 2 Time to Triple Compounding Continuosly
1:49 Using Natural Logs to Solve for the Variable in the Exponent

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29 Responses to “Compounding Continuously Pert Formula”

  1. Mario's Math Tutoring says:

    A problem that often arises is how to find the "time to double" when compounding continuously. Be sure to see that video I did here:

  2. Greater Things says:

    Thank u , so simple!

  3. Joshua Usifo says:

    Thanks Jeff Bezos

  4. ccmetalhead says:

    Thanks so much for your help Mario.

  5. Michael Alford says:

    Guys on a Ti inspire hit Ctrl and the key that looks like a book then plug in e. That should work

  6. Jonathan Bell says:

    I just need to know how to enter ā€œeā€ in on my calculator šŸ˜‚

  7. Sana Shahid says:

    Simple interest kindly explain

  8. Dan the technician says:

    PERT formula, more like HURT formula


  9. Ana Martinez says:

    Not helpful at all how do you do that on the calculator!

  10. Caleb O. says:

    Thank you so much you helped me understand it very well!!!


  11. Sajad Ahmad says:

    Whats the point of this compunding??

  12. Xuyuan Chen says:

    How do you prove that the formula is true? Thank you

  13. Aadhav JaiMurugesh says:

    Quick and helpful… Thanks Mario…

  14. Johny G says:

    Thank you

  15. Camishere 45 says:

    I read Pert as Fart lol

  16. Burner Man says:

    How do I plug this into the calculator?

  17. GrimGracious says:

    What if you are only given everything but the principal, and were given the interest earned just not total Principal + Interest (A) and need to find the principal?

  18. PostGame says:

    how did you get the 1150.27?

  19. Tina Wilson says:

    This was not helpful

  20. Square says:

    Isn't this also a more realistic formula for population growth? In my time in Algebra 2 I think I have seen this formula used to model that.

  21. karen 4ever says:

    What if intead of years it's hours??

  22. Matthew Revoredo says:

    What's a simple definition for continuous compound

  23. MLP Shawn says:

    I really hope anyone can help me with this Calculus compounded interest question

    A deposit of $500 is made in an account that earns interest at an annual rate of 4%. How long will it take for the balance to double when the interest is compounded (a) annually, (b) monthly, (c) daily and (d) continuously. Thank you so much! I have an exam on this subject tomorrow

  24. Jizeph says:

    What if everything is given but P ? how to solve for P ?

  25. joshua marston says:

    what does e =

  26. John Don Virchard Canlas says:

    ln3 divided by .02 = 5.0106352941. How come it is 55 Sir.Mario?

  27. Rachel Vo says:

    thank you

  28. Gonzalo Dalmasso says:


  29. Poppy Busby says:

    SO much easier than how my professor has been teaching it! Thank you so much!

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