Definition of the Derivative

Definition of the Derivative

Definition of the Derivative

This calculus video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the definition of the derivative formula in the form of a difference quotient with limits. It explains how to find the derivative of a function using the limit process. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Derivative of x^2
2. Derivative of rational functions – 1/x
3. Derivative of radical functions – square root of x
4. Derivative of linear functions
5. Derivative of polynomial functions

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  1. Fatima Hussam says:

    I can't believe I actual understood this 😭😭… can't thank you enough sir

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  3. Countyballs Fanmade says:

    Ugh why don't they just allow us to use the power rule

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    thank you so much!

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    thank you , helped a lot!

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    You are the best lecture I have found

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    Thank you.

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    The first time in my life that i never felt sleepy learning numbers because of the voice

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    This man will be the reason i can go to college

  11. eyyo its ur fav pancake says:

    I always watch his videos a day before my classes so that i came prepared 😀 also that he teaches better than my professor bruhhh.

  12. Hamid IRN says:

    If instead of x there is a 2 in the defination ?

  13. RAFEH Champion says:

    Keep On Creating Amazing Videos! We will Always support You no matter what our Teachers Say.

  14. Ellie Hayashi says:

    I wouldn’t be able to do the math in my engineering program if it wasn’t for this dude right here. Thank you for being my teacher the past couple of years!

  15. movies socialism says:

    if heroes exist you are one

  16. movies socialism says:

    wherever you do, you build my career. live longer

  17. Emanuel Veneruzzo says:

    you lost me at 00:00

  18. Christopher Angulo says:

    Honestly man, thank you! You should definitely update your merch and drop some new fresh linens, I'd cop in a heartbeat.

  19. Ninjin Nn says:

    thank you💙

  20. Transy Trousers says:

    Fuck celebrities I want a picture with this dood

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    You are the best

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  23. hanita Zerihun says:

    i just wanna say thank u and me to still not giving up on math and im doing great now thanks to u : )

  24. Kelsey G says:

    I’m happy this exists. I don’t know what I would do without these tutorials

  25. Jefferson Jadulos says:

    thank you!

  26. Ali sniper says:

    Thanks alot❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Semiha Ozcan says:

    there are easier ways to do this.

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  30. David Balila says:

    I swear down, this guy's voice is literally so soothing.

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    Gifted and the king of mathematics, thank you sir l learn a lot from you

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    Thank you I love you 💗

  33. Imran Moumin says:

    they this guy defined is just incredible

  34. Kyle Gingerich says:

    Please make a video using the power rule. It’s a lot quicker

  35. Saint Polycarp says:

    you cant tell me this man isnt god. i refuse to believe it

  36. Yunus Kedir says:

    My university entrance exam is tomorrow. Trying to finish 2 years worth of lectures in a day.

  37. Augusta Yartah says:

    This is a outstanding explanation to know. Aw great video to see.

  38. TimoK says:

    I've recently uploaded a video where I cover exercises about derivatives of powers of x and polynomials. For those that want some practice it might be helpful 🙂

  39. Asefa Gete says:

    Thanks a lot sir

  40. Andrew B says:

    I like your funny words magic man

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    I’m so fucked on this exam Wednesday

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    I got the feeling like I am the only one here who won’t need this for a few years but just wants to know…

  43. leslie jane Cadungog says:

    this video is better than my instructor

  44. TOP MAN says:

    "This is a very large problem, but you have to do it on a test "

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