Difference between “Robbery” and “Theft” – Explained!

2. Theft and violence or fear of instant violence. In robbery, the accused compels a person to handover the property and puts him fear of death or injury. The accused obtains consent of the owner of the property by using force and violence.

3. In robbery, besides dishonest intention, the accused puts the owner of the property in fear of death or injury, and sometimes also causes death.

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4. Robbery, dacoity, extortion overlap with each other and resemble to certain extent.

5. Punishment is higher than the punishment for theft.

6. Punishment: 10 to 14 years and also fine.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations of Sec. 390.]


1. Sec. 378 defines “Theft”.

2. In theft, the accused takes the movable property out of the possession of a person without that person’s consent. The accused does not obtain the consent.

3. In theft, only dishonest intention is seen in the act of the accused.

4. Theft, cheating, criminal misappropriation, criminal breach of trust may overlap each other in certain extent.

5. Punishment is lower than Robbery.

6. Punishment: 3 years and/or fine.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations of Sec. 378.]

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