Does my Child need Algebra 2 before the SAT? – Ivy Bound Private & Online Tutoring

Does my Child need Algebra 2 before the SAT? - Ivy Bound Private & Online Tutoring

Does my Child need Algebra 2 before the SAT? – Ivy Bound Private & Online Tutoring

Are you in need of an in-home or online tutor?
Get matched with academic tutors online or near you! Personalized tutors from Ivy Bound can help you with SAT prep, math, English and much more! Our expertly trained tutors are ready to help you!

We specialize in getting private tutors to your home or helping you find the perfect online tutor. We have specialists on hand, ready to meet with you for whatever subject you need assistance with! Life can be hectic for both students and adults; Ivy Bound tutors can help you!

Ivy Bound tutors help students become ready for success with private and online tutoring!

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or call: 860-500-1672.


Recommended SAT/ACT Materials:
Ivy Global’s SAT 6 Practice Tests (2019):
Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition:
SAT Reading and Writing Prep: A Workbook with 600+ Questions & Explanations:
SAT Math Prep: A Workbook with 480 Questions & Explanations:
The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020, (Book + 5 Practice Tests + Bonus Online Content):
The Complete Guide to ACT English, 3rd Edition:

Learn about Ivy Bound here:

Learn more about what Ivy Bound tutors can offer:

Ivy Bound can help you decide what path is right for you.

Ivy Bound’s Private Tutoring versus Online Tutoring:

Do you prefer to meet with a tutor face-to-face? ? Do you prefer one-on-one private tutoring in the comfort of your own home? Ivy Bound can supply a knowledgeable specialist helping you at your favorite study spot. Ivy Bound has tutors near you ready to come at your convenience! Day or night, these tutors are ready to teach. Our tutors help you earn college scholarships that make your four years the best they can be. Our staff are experts in whatever field you may require. We cover, but are not limited to, math, English, SAT/ACT prep, science, and much more!

Are you constantly on the go? Is your schedule constantly fluctuating? Then maybe you would prefer online tutoring! Ivy Bound can match you with an online tutor anywhere and at any time. Ivy Bound’s online tutor program has a great interface that makes online tutoring effective and interactive. Ivy Bound tutors can meet you at your convenience! Weekday, weekend, morning or night, Ivy Bound tutors are ready to assist you with learning and perfecting your skills in math, English, SAT/ACT prep and science. Let us get you set up today with an online tutor.

Save $80,000 in scholarships by using Ivy Bound tutors. Contact us today to find a private or online tutor that fits your specific needs. We are able to help you with math, science, English and SAT/ACT prep.

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