Domain and range of a function given a formula | Algebra II | Khan Academy

Domain and range of a function given a formula | Algebra II | Khan Academy

Domain and range of a function given a formula | Algebra II | Khan Academy

Domain and Range of a Function Given a Formula

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27 Responses to “Domain and range of a function given a formula | Algebra II | Khan Academy”

  1. NTIM BENJAMIN says:

    like ei! we have a long a way to go oo

  2. Khurshida Firdaush says:

    Thanks sir for explaining this topic . You helped me a lot . I never saw teacher like you .

  3. Very nice person says:

    I should have learnt this and lots of other topics a year ago but I couldn’t understand it no matter how much tutorial classes I’ve attended or videos I’ve watched 🥲 math is killing me

  4. Steven Vataleni says:

    God save us.

  5. KYLE BELL (Student) says:

    Just casually looking through comments instead of paying attention.

  6. tinfoil says:


  7. Megan Biles says:

    staar test tmr bro i havent been to school in a month…

  8. James Wei says:

    I’m confused

  9. Fenrir says:

    Him: Talks about imaginary numbers

    Me: What now

  10. Alaylay says:

    Crying over my homework right now because it's overdo and I still don't understand 😉

  11. Bushra Asfandyar says:

    So can we write the range as y>= -5 ?

  12. Milky YOUNIVERSE says:

    This is very complicated cause I am learning this in the 8th grade…

  13. Enterpreneurship says:

    Hi, I am a student of University of the People, I have really benefited a lot from your programs. Thank you so much for all your selfless efforts to help us as students. We have learned a lot.

  14. Austin Fudge says:

    What you explained made since but couldn’t you have inputted x as another number or value to get the same curve or slope. Why did you choose -2 or how did you know it was -2. The domain and range would change depending on what numbers you chose so that’s why I’m confused. I understand that x to the 2nd power creates a quadratic function but confused on what the answer was if there was one answer to this question or problem. Thank you for your time

  15. Sahiba Mehry says:

    I am going to get 2 points tomorrow because of this video. Thanks, Khan Academy !!

  16. hhh qqq says:

    crap, i think its time excuted code: red. Time to pull out the big guns its coffee time

  17. hhh qqq says:

    math: This is understandable and reasonable.
    also math: ok so we have imaginary numbers

  18. DeadOps says:

    Kind of a side question ive had mostly guys for my math teacher in high school and 3of them are bald. Is math going to make me bald


    I guess maths was not meant for me. lol

  20. Mercurial Thrills says:

    It's so frustrating when you're doing math and have some online classes… and your teacher gives you PDF printouts of old lessons…. and he writes the symbol for absolute value (this one —> |) the same as he writes the number one. That's only one of my problems when it comes to the domain and range.

  21. Rafael Rei G. Pizarro says:

    Funny how i'm learning more from this channel than my PAID college.

  22. Jess _T says:

    I'm furiously sweating I have an exam on 8 mins

  23. Bobur Yusupov says:

    Very good!!! Good luck to Khan Academy Group

  24. Namthipp Vannalathh says:

    Thank you, you save me through high school😂

  25. CosmicGamer says:

    thanks, nice video

  26. William Munny says:

    Thanks a lot for the video.

  27. Annalisia Sherwood says:

    So can someone explain to me why he kept putting the " – " sign when working out the answers like 3(4) "- " 12 -2=2 instead of putting the " + " sign 3(4) "+" 12-2=2 ?

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