Elementary Row Operations Matrices 3×3 Linear System

Elementary Row Operations Matrices 3x3 Linear System

Elementary Row Operations Matrices 3×3 Linear System

Learn how to do elementary row operations to solve a system of 3 linear equations. We discuss how to put the augmented matrix in the correct form to identify the solutions and the correct order to do the steps in.

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    You can do this with any 3 equations right?

  5. Dit P says:

    No one here has to be sooo happy , he has done a mistake . x=-1 not 1

  6. Aditya Mangal says:

    I was struck at this for hours now, this got cleared in a few minutes, thanks a lot sir !

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    You, my good sir, are THE GOAT

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    Can you sometime do more challenging quastions

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    Thank you so much for teaching this ! Before I found this video I was struggling doing ero . But now I can do it smoothly . 😭

  18. beta dias says:

    Why couldn't you just do R1-R3, instead of R1 + -R3

  19. Ethan Storey says:

    You could teach differential equations to a 5 year old. Awesome video sir. Thanks!

  20. Daniyal Saif says:

    Excellent Explanation , just wanted to know that if i'm getting 1's diagonally but my values are different of x , y and z , will it still be correct

  21. Nurul Huda says:

    Tq, it's so easy to understand 😊

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    Thank you so much!! I was so confused for days but now I finally figured out how to solve it πŸ˜€

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    in the first step, why did you call the 6 a negative 6?

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    whowwww coooooooooool!!!! when I was introduced to this topic and hour ago, I was confused, but thanks for making it clear now

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    There is a difference.

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    Why are math people so bad at teaching ?

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  38. Lucky Raj says:

    Sir y u start on last ro ?


    Y u not star on any row ?

  39. Paul Dang says:

    Thank you!

  40. Timothy Tan says:

    Just a quick question: If you were to perform row operations on Row 1 and Row 2, could you choose whether to put the answer in row 1 or row 2 or is there a specified row the answer should go on?

  41. William Lun says:

    watched so many vids on this type of question, including khan academy. THIS IS THE BEST ONE. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH

  42. William Ah Young says:

    Quick questn: is the order of the first augmented matrix a 3×3? Or 3×4?

  43. Xaio-Xen says:

    Does this work for things like a 2×3?

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    Thank you Mario

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  48. Panky Poo says:

    Instead of doing 3R1+R2=R1, couldnt you have just multiplied R1 by -1/2, R2 by 1/6, and R3 by 1/2?

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