Factoring – How to Factor Different Types

Factoring - How to Factor Different Types

Factoring – How to Factor Different Types

We will talk about how to approach different types of factoring problems in this free math video tutorial by Mario’s Math Tutoring such as:

0:17 Decision Tree for Factoring
2:04 Greatest Common Factor Method 5x^2 +10x +20
3:05 GCF 6x^3 – 2xy^2
4:41 Difference of 2 Squares x^2 – 100
6:00 GCF then Difference of 2 Squares 4y^2 – 100
7:16 Difference of 2 Cubes x^3 – 8
8:39 GCF followed by Sum of 2 Cubes 2x^3 + 54
10:07 Factoring by Grouping Followed by Difference of 2 Squares
x^3 – 2x^2 – 4x + 8
13:16 Factoring Trinomial with Leading Coefficient of 1 x^2 +7x + 12
14:19 Factoring Trinomial with Leading Coefficient of 1 x^2 – 5x – 24
15:48 Factoring Trinomial with Leading Coefficient not 1 by Splitting the Middle Term and Factoring by Grouping 6x^2 – 11x – 10
19:34 Factoring Trinomial 10x^2 – 3x – 4

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  1. Mario's Math Tutoring says:

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    Super video! I applauded for $10.00 👏👏👏

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    Thank you!

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    Finally finally finally I am able to understand this mess! At least that’s how I felt until today when I watched your video. Thank you so much for creating this video!!

  6. Shahana Pandi says:

    OMG !!
    Not a single teacher in my 10 years of student life has taught me this easily!!
    Thanks a bunch……

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    amazing tutorial, has really helped with my IB.

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    Great Stuff!

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    this was so helpful for visual learners

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    This video helped me a lot. Thank you.
    And your chart made it a lot easier to understand.

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    Best 12 mins of my life

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    your handsome

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    Thank you so much I need you to make more of these 👍🏻 this is amazing

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    Thank you so much for this video! this is very helpful!

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    Ah thank-a you very-a mucha Mario! A hopea~ you savea~ da princess from-a da clatches from King Bowsa~!

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    never mind!

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    it is so easy for me now

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    I have a factoring test tomorrow and my teacher is awful I don’t know what I am doing but now I’m feeling like a pro!!!

  22. Divine Intervention says:

    4yrs later.. Absolutely best factoring video. I do appreciate ur effort.

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    Well thank you Mario,you really helped me a lot more than my teacher.

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    You make things easy omg thank you so much for this

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    thank you so much you were great at explaining this


    Great video! You saved me! I had forgotten it all from grade 10 but now I remember it like it was yesterday. Keep it going! 😀

  28. tssga Tam says:

    4:41 difference of 2 squares
    7:16 difderence of 3 squares
    10:07 factoring by grouoing
    19:34 factoring trinomial
    I Hope it helps.

  29. ShawnBrightwin says:

    Here a day before the finals

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  31. Nikoru Hana says:

    Can't believe you manage to discuss excellently the different types of factoring in 22 mins. You saved my time so much.

  32. Jay Estardo says:

    Pls help me Factoring Types with explain and Solving 😭🥺

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    Thank you sooo muchhh I cannot put in words how much u helped me. I was studying for a very important test and i kept on watching video after video and nothing works. U literally saved me 30 minutes before my exams I am so grateful

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    Mr. Mario sounds like Nicholas Cage

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    This helped me we were going over factoring and it got me confused thanks

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    I had to watch it two times to get it smh. Dissapointed in myself

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    I’m in pre-calc and every since geometry I’ve never fully grasped the concepts of factoring; I don’t know how I’ve not failed since it comes up so frequently. Because of this video I can easily understand the connection between all of the types of factoring, thank you sir.

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    Thanks man helped me a lot!!

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    I really needed this video aah thank you !

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    Thank you man I needed this review, you’re really helping the youth.

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    That's exactly what I was searching for. Thank you sir and thank you YouTube

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    Wow you are able to teach

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  44. George Darvehn says:

    Hi Mario, for the last example, can you also write the final answer as "2x(5x-4)"?

  45. George Darvehn says:

    Thank you, Mario! This tutorial was very intuitive and helpful.

  46. someone. says:

    still helping a great deal three yrs later, TY.

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