Factoring Polynomials | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Factoring Polynomials | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Factoring Polynomials | Algebra | Chegg Tutors

Factoring polynomials involves breaking up a polynomial into simpler terms (the factors) such that when the terms are multiplied together they equal the original polynomial. Factoring helps solve complex equations so they are easier to work with. Factoring polynomials includes:
Finding the greatest common factor
Grouping like terms
Finding the difference of perfect squares: a2 – b2 = (a+b)(a-b)
Finding the sum or difference of two perfect cubes: x3+y3 = (x+y)(x2+-xy+y2); x3 – y3 = (x-y)(x2+xy+y2)
Factoring quadratic trinomials: ax2 + bx + c
Factoring polynomials with degree greater than 2: x4 + x2 – 20
Factoring rationals using GCD and LCM: 1/3×5 + 7/2×2 + 2x + 1 = 1/6(2×5+21×2+12x+6)
Factoring real numbers: (x2-2y2) = (x-√2y) and (x+√2y)
Factoring complex numbers: (x2-y2) = (x-iy) and (x+iy)


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