Free live tutoring at

Free live tutoring at

Free live tutoring at

A non-Khan Academy project by Sal to help all students get free live tutoring at

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32 Responses to “Free live tutoring at”

  1. Jim L says:

    Thank you Mr Khan

  2. Sara G. says:

    Can Khan Academy create an ACT practice please 🥺🥺🥺

  3. tahiyat says:

    Is it like a one to one session or a fixed number of students can join each session?

  4. Pride Moatshe says:

    How about varsity math e.g calculus??

  5. Deonardo la Vinci says:

    LOL! Imagine getting a Youtuber recommended on 9gag and the first video you click on, is free tutoring for young people. Have my sub sir!

  6. F A says:

    Please I'm am not good in math. How to be good at it

  7. Mike says:

    You wear Pixar in a box shirt!!

  8. lulu lulu says:

    When you’re going to send the registration email???

  9. For Everybody says:

    ok sir thanks

  10. mathematics Time says:

    O myyyyyyyy…….u look like this….I always wished to see u man.

  11. Saw Aung Paing Oo says:

    Is ecological intervention desirable? Why could it be problematic?

  12. Kishwar Bhuiyan says:

    Sal you are amazing.

  13. Mallikarjuna Kodimyala says:

    First time seeing your face I listen your voice many times

  14. Andrew Agita says:

    Sal you look sleepy

  15. Wai-chi Tsang says:

    You are a genius sal, glad to hear you start this project to help student with difficult.

  16. videovulcan says:

    He sounds like John Mayer and John Mayer sounds like Sal.

  17. Rivaldo Joseph says:

    im in 8th

  18. kingyns1x says:


  19. joshika nikhil pania says:

    Sir, I'm a tutor I would like to join as a tutor

  20. Chetna Jadhav says:

    Sir , you're great

  21. Magiczna Magda says:

    Thank you so much for everything. I would have failed highschool without khan academy. My country education system is the worst and students must realies on private tutors. I had no money for that, but your videos helped me immensely. You're an absolute legend.

  22. محمد شاكر says:

    Lots of individuals if they were getting to an opportunity by an open access to the cost of time and cost of money to get help on areas where they are weaker or maybe focusing on strength, the outcome of education will be increased and enough but good enough as well. The obstacles on education make life harder and the scarcity is not hard to assign and fewer smarter because the mind draining, long and boring at the ladder of the level of education and the rest can get nothing bat costly on times and money .. that's absolutely against the economic allocation. We must act against this horrible and bad Utility of our education system. It gets extremely rigged …

  23. Gautam Sudarshan says:

    Ayyyy 😎

  24. starry skies says:

    Thanks for the free classes

  25. Brenda A says:

    That’s awesome!! Will definitely tell my daughter about this!!

  26. Nyambura Muya says:

    My face behind my online tutor is finally revealed.

  27. Mrinmay Biswas says:

    I will try 🙏

  28. Edu Academy says:

    Thank you very much sir For this Great Job.🤝

  29. Alex Nova says:

    A legend

  30. Sarah Kaveh says:

    I love you Sal thanks .Thanks for everythings. I'm sad I'm not working well at all i hate me that I have everything to LEARN about this world but I'm not putting effort.Any way thanks that you care about us♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡stay safe and keep doing and i wish there will be more n more people like you in this world

  31. Satya Narayan Patro says:

    U changed my life

  32. Rudesback says:

    Thanks for everything sal

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