GED Math 2020 – Pass the GED with EASE

GED Math 2020 - Pass the GED with EASE

GED Math 2020 – Pass the GED with EASE

Pass the GED with 50 standard GED math questions designed to make you easily prepare for the test.

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43 Responses to “GED Math 2020 – Pass the GED with EASE”

  1. UltimateAlgebra says:

    CheckOut for more help with your GED. 
    Get more videos, computerized practice test (similar to what you'll see on the GED)
    and information about the GED test in general.

  2. carmen sanchez says:

    I want to thank you for all your help first off, second I would like to know if you can give quick quizes and test just so we can see how good we have got with your knowledge

  3. 2bit Analyst says:


  4. Akahsha Curry White says:

    Not me already crying into a mental breakdown less than 4 minutes into the video after realizing I don't understand ANYTHING 🤣 hopeless

  5. GED Media services says:

    Hallow I'm GED too😁😁

  6. Austin Fudge says:

    Thank you for the videos they are good practice and appreciated regardless of small errors or differing outlooks and opinions

  7. Austin Fudge says:

    Question 13 should have had how many years? added in the word problem then you solve and know it’s years. Or APR so we knew when we got 2 what it stood for

  8. GINA GARCIA says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ❤ I keep failing the math test but I bet after watching you, I won't! ❤

  9. DejayCountinUp says:

    I don’t understand nun of this ain’t get taught this in school

  10. Ophelia Senu says:

    5 hours

  11. Tania Ramirez says:

    Oh 36 going on 37 this year and only thing keeping me from getting my own nail salon is passing the math portion of the g.e.d🥴this will be the 4th time trying to study fir it and this video helped so much. Easy to understand how you got the answer..I just can't figure out if I did the right steps for the bonus question..anyone?!

  12. Tania Ramirez says:

    So how do you work the bonus question?! Is the answer 15??

  13. Jakobi Fleming says:

    I dont understand

  14. Yuri Casas says:

    I need more help with number 4 please.

  15. Berserker says:

    can l use calculator on these math tests?

  16. Matt Helms says:

    Take my last test today witch is math 😳☺ so scared

  17. All things Caroline Moore says:

    Did my ged math practice test after watching your videos and scored 176

  18. Carolyn B. says:

    Good Morning it's April 22nd 2021 & the answer to your last question is John worked 5 hours I'm preparing for my GED test to take in May, 2021 I am determined to pass this exam .

  19. Matt Helms says:

    Gonna use for 2021

  20. Sly Jdogg says:

    Number 16 x=4

  21. Victoria Gomez says:

    The only question I had was why did you add parentheses around the (-2) squared (exponent of 2) and why isn’t it equal to -2 squared?

  22. Victoria Gomez says:

    5 hrs. This gave me confidence to pursue a higher education. I struggled on 2 questions but the rest were fairly easy. That’s not bad considering high school was 23 years ago. With a little brush up I’m sure I’ll pass. Thank you

  23. Cory Allison says:

    For the 1st question ( or anything like it ) all you have to do is
    .20 x 300
    Which will equal 60

    Second part
    .40 x 50
    Which is 20

  24. Mekdes Demeke says:

    Thanks so much really I understand You are good perfect Techer .!!!! Thanks 🙏

  25. Tamisha T. Kichiro says:

    He worked 5 hours?

  26. Majin Golightly says:

    I passed my math ged today! I’m on my way to becoming a chef

  27. Citizen Zero says:

    I think so answer is 5 hours

  28. djfreshnasty says:

    How did you turn the percentage into a decimal?

  29. KAY PEE says:


  30. Dawn Brivett says:


  31. ARKKO says:

    Your videos are a major saviour! I'm so excited for my GED test, but math is the only thing holding me back. I can finally learn online more realistic questions than being terrified that the questions won't look the same as I practiced. However, could you please explain the "(-2)²≠ -2²"? I still got the correct answer, but I'm not trying to go in with a big head to get destroyed by a problem as such.

  32. Chrystal says:

    In the equation @8:00, when using my TI-30XS calculator, whether I input as "-2 * 2" or "(-2) squared, equals" I'm getting -4, not positive 4. Help?

  33. Kimiko Kiki says:

    I'm new and please show more videos, I love it!

  34. Shemar stone says:

    I do not understand number 4

  35. Kim Hofschire says:

    well I sure enjoy the 1st part of your videos now for part 2 wish me luck

  36. Dorothy Williams says:

    I take my ged math test on April 22 it the last one pray that pass it hopefully these videos helps

  37. Steadblk says:

    I keep rewinding cause I easily start daydreaming/distracted this gon be hard💀

  38. Lashatae Harvey says:

    on question #4 with finding angles how did blue dot plus red dot equal 180. where did the 180 come from?

  39. Larry Yang says:

    GED Test is Advance and very Confused

  40. Jason Loomes says:

    question 25 is: 150 is the total, 10x is the constant , 100 is the set value.
    this becomes: 10x + 100 = 150. you then subtract 100 from both sides
    thus: 10x = 50. you then divide both sides by 10
    x = 5. so he worked 5 hours.
    correct me if i'm wrong because honestly im not sure lol

  41. No Name says:

    I'm confused here 29:05 why do we add 3 to those sides?

  42. Proto rave Aehronius says:

    You explain it so simply I can understand!

  43. Joshua Crescendo says:

    About question #13, Are we just supposed to always assume that a given rate is an annual rate even if it wasn’t mentioned in the question? Is that a standard thing?

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