Grammar Hero's ASVAB/PiCAT AFQT Practice Test: The Arithmetic Reasoning Subtest(Free ASVAB Tutoring)

Grammar Hero's ASVAB/PiCAT AFQT Practice Test: The Arithmetic Reasoning Subtest(Free ASVAB Tutoring)

Grammar Hero's ASVAB/PiCAT AFQT Practice Test: The Arithmetic Reasoning Subtest(Free ASVAB Tutoring)

In this video, I work out some problems from an ASVAB arithmetic reasoning practice test. In order to do well on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) or Pre-screening internet-delivered Computer Adaptive Test (PiCAT), you must be comfortable solving problems that are similar to the ones in this video.

Take this practice test online here:

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Grammar Hero’s 2021 ASVAB AFQT Study Guide: Free ASVAB Tutoring and Practice Tests:

0:00 Intro: No Calculator or Reference Sheet
1:40 Q1: Fractions (
3:57 Q2: Calculating Discounts (
8:08 Q3: Similar Figures (
11:38 Q4: Converting a Word Problem into an Algebraic Expression
15:11 Q5: Percentages (
18:09 Q6: Fraction Word Problem (
22:00 Q7: Basic Probability (
25:44 Q8: Perimeter and Area of Quadrilaterals (
28:47 Q9: Percentages (
33:45 Q10: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions (
36:34 Q11: Fractions (
41:11 Q12: Finding the Missing Value in an Average (
45:28 Q13: Area and Multiplying Decimals
48:50 Q14: Percent Change (
53:38 Q15: Volume (
57:02 Q16: Distance, Rate, and Time (
1:03:24 Outro

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14 Responses to “Grammar Hero's ASVAB/PiCAT AFQT Practice Test: The Arithmetic Reasoning Subtest(Free ASVAB Tutoring)”

  1. Natalia Galvan says:

    Grammar Hero, thank you so much for your videos and the time you take to help us all. I cannot thank you enough ! I took my ASVAB this past Thursday and went from receiving a 32 the very first time to a 93 on the PiCat and a 73 on the ASVAB . I studied solely off your videos and the word knowledge website. Thank you soooo much grammar Hero, you’re a true Hero. shipping off to Marine Corps bootcamp in a couple months, couldn’t have done it w/o your help. !!!

    I recommended you to the testing personnel. <3
    *for anyone wondering if his videos work THEY DO, STUDY OFF HIS VIDEOS. Do his practice tests figure out what you’re struggling with and study that topic !! You will pass with Grammar Hero. !

  2. 1804 yungin says:

    Take the ASVAB on Tuesday and pass it cuz of watch yo videos and sign all the papers with my recruiter…how long will it be for them to call me to go to meps?

  3. Vlessy Pangan says:

    grammar hero is a real hero!!! thank you so so much for helping me pass my ASVAB which was the last thing on my mind. leaving on august 3rd to fort jackson. you're a life saver!

  4. Edwin Guity says:

    Thank you so much was watching your videos for another 3 months I got an 82 on the AFCT 117 GT and 111ST

  5. Heather Blue says:

    It’s not much but I passed with a 39.. I’m only joining the reserves so I have plenty of time to study more and take another test in the meantime doing school for IT. But all of the practice tests really helped. What I realized really helped is that even finding the right answer at first glance. I still went through all choices just to make sure they were wrong. I went from a 16 to 39 in just a few weeks. Imagine another month or two? Thank you for your free tests and videos they really helped. The man above also helped me through this journey so I thank you both 🙏 I leave to meps for just the oath on the 28th since I already got my physical done. Again thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  6. Andrew H says:

    Hey man wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I passed my asvab and qualified for the job I wanted. I studied through your videos for a month straight all day everyday. You’re doing an amazing thing for everyone trying to join the military and struggling with the asvab. Now I get to join the army 💪🏻 for real man you’re doing gods work, helping future soldiers get closer to their dreams. Respect to the highest degree, I will remember you throughout my entire army career! 🇺🇸

  7. crypticsav says:

    Is the practice afqt , the scoring is it really like the scoring for the real asvab??

  8. Korean Ninja says:

    Grammar hero is clutchhhhhhh

  9. Roderick says:

    Hey grammar hero i been having trouble studying how would you recommend studying?

  10. orange chicken says:

    Hi my hero! Can you upload a video for tips and tricks on how to improve your paragraph comprehension! Thank you! I think this is the only section that u didn’t share on tips!

  11. OMEGA Gamez says:

    Grammar Hero, thank you so much for your help i took my AFQT for the third time today and went from a 22 to a 47, not the greatest score but i wouldn't of been able to improve without your videos, much appreciated!!

  12. AizhyeL Nguyen says:

    i did 15 correct out of 16, i learn more how to solve the problem on question #14..Thank You Gramma Hero

  13. Taylor Hill says:

    hey grammar hero, i know majority of the formulas of the arithmetic reasoning ! is it safe to move onto mk now ? i take my practice test next saturday on the 26th. i really want to make a decent score so that i can take the actual ASVAB at meps .

  14. Breel Kian Naranjo says:

    I take my practice asvab this Saturday 🥲

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