Graphing Exponential Functions With e, Transformations, Domain and Range, Asymptotes, Precalculus

Graphing Exponential Functions With e, Transformations, Domain and Range, Asymptotes, Precalculus

Graphing Exponential Functions With e, Transformations, Domain and Range, Asymptotes, Precalculus

This algebra 2 and precalculus video tutorial focuses on graphing exponential functions with e and using transformations. It explains how to find and write the domain and range of the function in addition to identify the horizontal asymptote. It shows you how to use a data table to plot at least two points to draw an accurate sketch of the graph. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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  1. Shahmeer Shahid says:

    Not all heroes wear caps!!

  2. Treyton says:

    terrible video

  3. Daniel Duarte says:

    How did you get the horizontal asymptote?

  4. Eddy2Valid says:

    Sheeeesh this actually helped
    thank you

  5. SoccerSkills7 _ says:


  6. Sexy Boy says:

    I have an exam tmr 🙁

  7. Mdu Simelane says:

    Thank you man… you're a star

  8. Mawanya nation says:

    still now it is helpful

  9. S M says:

    literally using this the night before an algebra 1 unit test and it’s saving my life rn

  10. milf hunter says:

    i love u u saved my life

  11. Chris Chuta says:

    bruh i learned more in the first minute than a 90 minute lecture…

  12. Solen Kassahun says:

    Bro i have lernt this for about 2 period(90min) but i didnt understand until i watch ur video tnxs keep doing more

  13. Rajdeep Villuri says:

    im learning this in algebra 2 honors, not in precalc.

  14. Bayern Muchen says:

    I have a test for one hour i don't now what to do

  15. Official Naniizzle says:

    why is my teacher teaching college work to high schoolers?

  16. Sam Strickler says:

    exam in 45 min, this man's doing gods work

  17. SwatStune says:

    This was one of the best explanation of exponential graphing i came across. I had been struggling to understand it. Now I get it!!Thanks a bunch.

  18. xjkp 829 says:

    How was it shifted to the left when it's clearly a plus?

  19. save me please says:

    why is E 2.7?

  20. 2hyun says:

    you are literally my god

  21. Juddah Symon Singson says:

    Here watching at 1:54 pm PHT before the deadline at 2:00 pm

  22. Explince The Wolf says:

    Probably because i'm sleepy

  23. Meagan B says:

    thank u so much… i cannot STRESS how poorly my teacher taught this

  24. Nebyou Zewdu says:

    Am like that guy who studies at the last minute and complain

  25. Zenith says:

    I just wanted to ask would you still be be able to answer these questions by drawing the original function then shifting that function into the new function

  26. Cole Abrahams says:

    6:12 we see that engineering trait coming out!!🤣🤣

  27. Cronyth says:

    No homo I’d go gay 4 u bruh. You out here saving more lives than Batman

  28. The Truthful Tent says:

    Thanks so much!

  29. Sarjo Sawaneh says:

    It's clear on my side

  30. Artmeat J says:

    Im using this to take over the world

  31. darkxys says:

    here before an exam

  32. Sydney Rehmke says:

    where my crammin for finals gang atttt

  33. JustThatKidd says:

    Doing my exam rn. Thanks to COVID doing this shit online

  34. floyd69momomo says:

    Dude you deserve all the money in the world

  35. Mohammed Al-madani says:

    6:08 how is e=2.7?

  36. Shir Inbari says:

    wow thank you I have a test in 3 hours

  37. Nasreen Zahid says:

    I got it some of it but your fast at writing and rubbing

  38. Grayson Gibbons says:

    I'm doing a khan academy and I only got one question left. Let's hope I get it correct.

  39. Sufyan Mujhaid says:

    Thank you so much

  40. DejaKiller69 says:

    The last one isn't correct

  41. saf says:

    I love you

  42. Kayla says:

    You literally managed to teach me something in 10 min that my teachers failed to teach me in 3 years. Thank you, you saved me bro

  43. Helen Day says:

    If such a thing were possible, I would name this lesson Organic Goldmine. Except it's not gold trapped in ore, it's pure gold, every word.

  44. seedo says:

    oddly soothing video

  45. Christopher Angulo says:


  46. Mido12 Alassos says:

    Am I supposed to learn this in 8th grade??

  47. Hamza Rehan says:

    Can you fix ur audio

  48. amjad mousa says:

    here exponential lesson:
    شرح exponential

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