Graphing Sine, Cosine, Cosecant, Secant, Tangent & Cotangent (Complete Guide)

Graphing Sine, Cosine, Cosecant, Secant, Tangent & Cotangent (Complete Guide)

Graphing Sine, Cosine, Cosecant, Secant, Tangent & Cotangent (Complete Guide)

Learn how to graph Sine, Cosine, Cosecant, Secant, Tangent & Cotangent in this complete guide by Mario’s Math Tutoring. We go through how to get the graphs using key points on the unit circle. We also discuss how to find the amplitude, period, phase shift (horizontal shift), vertical shift, asymptotes and more. We go through how to graph and remember the parent functions as well as how to do the transformations on more complicated functions. In all we go through 20 different examples to help you master graphing trigonometric functions.

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00:00 Intro
0:33 Example 1 Graph y=sin(x)
1:52 Example 2 Graph y=2sin(x)
2:17 Example 3 Graph y=sin(2x)
3:52 Example 4 Graph y=sin(x+pi)-2
5:56 Example 5 Graph y=cos(x)
6:53 Example 6 Graph y=-cos(x)
7:30 Example 7 Graph y=cos((1/2)x)
8:44 Example 8 Graph y=cos(x-pi/2) +1
10:13 Example 9 Graph y=3sin(1/2)(x-pi)-2
12:10 Example 10 Graph y=2cos(4x+pi)+1
14:07 Example 11 Graph y=2sec(x)
17:23 Example 12 Graph y=3csc(pi/4)(x)
18:31 Example 13 Graph y=4sec(1/4)(x+2pi)-1
20:26 Example 14 Graph y=tan(x)
22:03 Example 15 Graph y= 2tan(x)
22:38 Example 16 Graph y=tan(1/2)(x)
24:01 Example 17 Graph y=tan2(x-pi/8)+1
25:51 Example 18 Graph y=cot(x)
27:19 Example 19 Graph y=3cot((pi/2)(x))
28:40 Example 20 Graph y=-cot(1/4)(x-pi)-1

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