How I Coached a Student to a PERFECT 1600 on the SAT®! Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Test Score

How I Coached a Student to a PERFECT 1600 on the SAT®! Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Test Score

How I Coached a Student to a PERFECT 1600 on the SAT®! Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Test Score

In this video, Brooke talks about how she coached a student to a perfect 1600 on the SAT® , and how you can apply the same strategies to improve your own test score!

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40 Responses to “How I Coached a Student to a PERFECT 1600 on the SAT®! Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Test Score”

  1. DR. Quantum says:

    she blinks so fast so often!

  2. Eloise _Rn says:

    Im in 6th grade and i personally study the SAT and ACT for fun and because why not

  3. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Hello later comer 2021 i 😀

  4. Inae Kim says:

    Anyone taking SAT on March 13th, 2021?

  5. Sabrina Saad says:

    This was so not helpful..

  6. Love Always says:

    What is the cost for the course

  7. Katerina Petrova says:

    Is it just me or did you suddenly get less confident when she mentioned 7th grade

  8. Aziza says:

    This video is so vague. She should have mentioned what resources/books she used to prep him. Totally disappointed!

  9. Natasha Pietak-Walsh says:

    catch him at any ivy

  10. Xander says:

    How did I get here? I came for a better time in the 1600 (1 Mile)

  11. misomiso says:

    So out of interest, how much can you improve an SAT score by if you are an able student?

    By that I mean if you improve your strategy, and add a bit of knowledge, can people improve dramatically or is it only a little improvement?


  12. Gift Onyenkwere says:

    Hey I need help can you coach me

  13. luis soto says:

    I am in 7th grade going into 8th grade and I have to prep for the psat because I’m in the gifted and talented program and they require us to take the psat so I really need to start taking practice psat so this is helpful to know that I’m not the only person prepping this early

  14. Shashank Pujari says:

    I did basic preparation for 10 days took the test got a 980.. I have 3 months left for my SAT TEST lets see how much I score

  15. louell alanan says:

    Where is he now? Ma'am.

  16. Abdiel Soto says:

    So I should start studying as a 8th grader?

  17. Aroub A says:

    I’m in the tenth grade and all I can do anymore is google the SAT’s.

  18. Luke Briody says:

    my process: takes diagnostic on a whim, gets a 1580, signs up for Nov 2019, and gets a 1600

  19. Santiago Garzon says:

    Holy hell, as an immigrant, who grew up moving to many places and not having many friends there was no one ever there to tell me that taking the SAT in seventh grade was even a possibility. I’m a junior and I still am very lost in what to do and what I need because I just simply never knew. For example I knew that of course you needed SAT but didn’t realize until a few months ago that SAT Subject Tests were a thing

  20. Ribhav Bhatia says:

    Got a 1570 will be trying for 1600 next time.

  21. Emma says:

    "started training in 7th grade"

    girl bye

  22. ubermensch826 says:

    if you're "aiming" for a perfect score you're honestly an idiot…the tradeoff in time between getting your score from like…a 1500 to 1600 is not worth it considering the opportunity costs of all the other ways at 15-17 year old should be spending their time

  23. Juan Ni says:

    Umm 770 at 13? I can barely get over 600 at 17 lmao

  24. small robin says:

    Could u somehow be my tutor??😅

  25. Christian Estrada says:

    Does getting a 1600 on the SAT mean that there were no wrong answers or is there space for mistake and still get the score.

  26. successful. says:

    Where is my 7th December gang?

  27. Junaid Naseer says:

    Dec 07?

  28. Wichamp59 says:

    Hey supertutortv, you have great videos on the SAT. i was wondering if you have any videos on GRE or have any intents of covering the GRE.

  29. Chhunu khadka's cooking channel says:

    November gang?

  30. Abbas Mogul says:

    I scored 1290 on the SAT
    710 math + 580 English

    I'm an international student and I was wondering if I score well in my IELTS will it make up for my English score on the SAT?
    I plan to study mechanical engineering
    Please recommend some universities in my score bracket

  31. Idah Atieno says:

    Anyone taking DEC sat?

  32. WasabixD says:

    Why am I watching this, I'm only a freshman, not taking until Junior!? ;D

  33. WasabixD says:

    Wow, she's getting fatter

  34. Eddie English says:

    Anyone here the night before the SAT? Cause oof me too.

  35. Manisha Shrestha says:

    In sat reading section , Can we do some underline or circle
    , or make a quick notes in question paper on exam day?

  36. Choco Girl Xo says:

    October 5th testing squad where you at! 24 hours to go lmao

  37. Delfin says:

    I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm applying to a 2 week summer program and I really want to get in. It says: "Tell us a little about yourself." How much do I write? Do I write why I'm applying? Why I'm interested in the program?

  38. Raymond Limbu says:

    Nepalese where you at?

  39. Khan Family says:

    Did your student keep his 7th grade SAT score in the permanent record? Why or why not? I know College board automatically delete the score (within a school year) unless you send them a letter saying you want to keep the score forever in your record. I would appreciate if you answer the question. Thanks.

  40. faryal says:

    The heck?

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