How to get a PERFECT 800 on the SAT Math Section: 13 Strategies to maximize your score

How to get a PERFECT 800 on the SAT Math Section: 13 Strategies to maximize your score

How to get a PERFECT 800 on the SAT Math Section: 13 Strategies to maximize your score

Join Huzefa as he shares the secrets to getting a perfect 800 on the SAT math! After earning an 800 on the math sections of three official SATs, studying and tutoring for the SAT for 6 years, and dissecting past practice and official tests from the College Board meticulously, Huzefa has unearthed 13 critical strategies to help eager students achieve a perfect math score. He shares all 13 strategies in this educational video.

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Looking for tips on getting a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT? You’re in luck!

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39 Responses to “How to get a PERFECT 800 on the SAT Math Section: 13 Strategies to maximize your score”

  1. Kim-André Myrvang says:

    01:37 Ratios, Rate and Proportions

    03:12 Units

    05:50 Percents

    08:08 Linear Equation Word Problems

    09:16 Graphing Linear Equations

    10:52 Interpreting Linear Functions

    13:42 Solving Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities

    14:48 Systems of Linear Inequalities Word Problems

    16:38 Solving Systems of Linear Equations

    18:30 Linear Inequality Word Problems

    20:30 Systems of Linear Equations Word Problems

    22:56 Solving Quadratic Equations

    24:20 Key Features of Graphs

  2. SophisticDavid7 says:

    You look like carbonaro from carbonaro effect

  3. pat murphy says:

    the music is distracting

  4. Loreimy H says:

    I'm taking the SAT again in October,I hope I can get a better grade.

  5. Krish Tailor says:

    taking the sat this month hopefully don't bottle this up again.

  6. 11F22Sidharth says:

    sir, can we use calculators in SAT

  7. Adeyemi Ifeoluwa says:

    I am taking the sat today and i looked at some of your examples and they were really helpful. I have some questions though like in no 11 for the voyage stuff I was pausing and solving the equations first before seeing yours and what I did was that I 1003-43=960/2 which gives 480 which was what you got later on I wanted to know if i can do it like that and the other one is question 10 what I did was 280-10 =270 and divided 60 by it which gave me 4.5 so can I do it that way too. No 7 as well what I did was cross multiply 5×4=20 3×3=9 then it in fraction w=20/9. Please let me know if I can do it like that.

  8. Aiden Long says:

    test is in 6 hrs still haven’t slept. wish me luck

  9. Shaheer Cyr says:

    6 hours before test 🤦‍♀️

  10. Fabian Gomez says:

    anyone here taking it on june 5th?

  11. Lucy says:

    tysm!! super helpful

  12. Vinny B says:

    Extremely helpful stuff

  13. Sheena Harpal says:

    I have my SAT tomorrow and this was super helpful! Thank you so much !!

  14. Abel Black says:


  15. Dylan Jordan Young says:

    I’m taking the SAT tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous. This video was very helpful. Thanks a ton for making it

  16. rachel says:

    my test is tomorrow pray 4 me fr

  17. ThristanGamer says:

    the crew taking it tomorrow?

  18. jordyyy says:

    I take my SAT on saturday, wish me luck!

  19. Madison Koutsoudis says:

    Could you please write out all the formulas we need to know? (Or make a video of just the formulas we need to know)

  20. Willybillyboy 19 says:

    this shit was clutch bruh

  21. Bata Ta says:

    ahh thank you sooooooo much 😩

  22. Lauren Herr says:

    stop gulping omg

  23. Rayan Balfour says:

    not me being in form 3 solving the first one in my head but being lost when he explains -_-

  24. Tsu says:

    Take mine in 2 days, kinda scared I might fail 😭 ur video was really helpful ‼️

  25. Julie Pedrazzi says:

    This video was really helpful!! The way you break down the questions is awesome, thanks so much I have the SAT Saturday!!

  26. John Hughes says:

    why do you keep swallowing in the middle of talking

  27. Christian Kirby says:

    I love this because he’s very thorough in explanation. Some of these concepts I will never learn or will learn after that fact so him explaining how to attack the problem and working it through slowly is really helpful. SAT 2022 here/PSAT 2021

  28. Shivank Bhargava says:

    Why am I even here my SAT is in 3 years. I'll be back later 🙂

  29. Adri P says:

    Me, who always uses substitution and was following along and got it wrong with elimination but correct with substitution: >:O

  30. Majd Katri says:

    heyyy my exam is in a week i have to take sat subject tests m1 and m2 because sat is getting canceled will these help me like subject test exam or are they only for the sat 1 math exam?

  31. Lua Efe says:

    i understood all except the (3) Percent which take 4.66% of the test please help me out with that.

  32. Moe Wang says:

    Thank you or dedicating your time to help us succeed and reach our potential on our SAT

  33. Sowmya Abirami says:

    This is the first youtube channel which made me learn fast

  34. Noah Lee says:

    despite this video being 2 years old, it still helped me a lot!!!! thank you!

  35. Mia Louise says:

    2022 gang

  36. Zirui Chen says:

    780 and know which one i got wrong in the test… sad

  37. Woody says:

    I took mine in March and I’m not happy with my score so I’m retaking in in 2 weeks, June. This video has been an amazing help. Just finished the first one and about to move on to the next one. Great video and fantastic explanation.

  38. Boden Buckingham says:

    Scores came back I got an 800 on math!! Thank you so much for these videos!

  39. Erynn B says:

    i haven’t learned anything this year and now i’m trying to learn an entire year’s worth of math into 2 weeks…

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