How to Tutor Online with Zoom (Tools & Techniques)

How to Tutor Online with Zoom (Tools & Techniques)

How to Tutor Online with Zoom (Tools & Techniques)

How do you tutor students online? In this video I show how I use Zoom to tutor my online math students remotely from home. I discuss the tools and techniques I use for an effective tutoring session such as shared whiteboards, annotations, writing tablets, document camera, microphone, etc.

Here are some of the products I mention in the video that I use. Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, it is at no additional cost to you.

Tutoring Resources:
Writing Tablet
Document Camera
Suggested Great Low Cost Mic
Improve your Video Quality & Clarity with this USB 1080pHD webcam
Free Video Conferencing
My “In-Person” Tutoring Video Course for aspiring tutors

💡…And if you would like some more personalized help to discuss my online tutoring setup, how I work with students online, go through a practice session together over Zoom in real time, and talk about any other online tutoring questions you may have…contact me to setup a paid coaching Zoom session here:

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29 Responses to “How to Tutor Online with Zoom (Tools & Techniques)”

  1. Mario's Math Tutoring says:

    If you would like to discuss how I work with students online, run through a practice session together over Zoom to get some experience…and discuss online tutoring in general contact me to set up a paid coaching session over Zoom with me here:

  2. Lori Collins says:

    What a great video on how to tutor online! The tutoring world has definitely changed and this is a very helpful video. When our kids had tutors we also used Beestar worksheets to help them improve their skills.

  3. naz6772 says:

    volume on the video is not too good

  4. Oh No says:

    Brilliant video! Loved how you ran through the different tools when using Zoom. And you addressed the possibility of a student not having a writing tablet, something I was wondering myself.

  5. Peter Halliday says:

    Thanks Mario, very useful but I couldn't find the links you mentioned. Where do I look.?

  6. Music fan 11 says:

    Nice lesson man. Zoom was a life changing experience for me. My buddy started a meeting about every weekend with his around the country friends where he's been to. Every weekend was such an awesome time, we'd all talk for a couple hours and so happy got to meet many good people all thanks to zoom and my buddy

  7. Joseph John says:

    Good Video, just wanted to say that all my students say they cannot write to the screen because they don't have the tool panel. Please advise. Thanks

  8. mathematician teacher says:

    Nice video

  9. Kareem Elshatory says:

    I wanted to know if you are open to taking in more students and what is the hourly

  10. Diane Yhun says:

    Mario, your document camera is very expensive. Do you have a cheaper recommendation?

  11. Diane Yhun says:

    Mario, the mic is unavailable at Amazon. Do you have another recommendation?

  12. Miss Tan says:

    Can you please tell me is it possible to write on the textbook image as you have written, it seems to me the your document cam app or software, has option to annotate on the screen on the text book pages. If I buy a cheap cam which you have mentioned OKIOLABS OKIOCAM S USB 2-in-1 Webcam and Document Camera, would I be able to write on the on screen document image? This cheap cam shows writing up side down then you have to rotate the image, So a pupil could view it normally. Any other option of doc visualiser with the on screen writing feature with graphic tablet????

  13. Nazmeen Akram says:

    Sir guide me I want to do online teaching

  14. Rockstar EV says:

    thank you so much. you're a lifesaver.

  15. Eleis Vreeland says:

    I am going to tutor 6th graders for my first time on monday for my first time… any advice? im trying to find an learn from lots of videos.

  16. Karan Kumar says:

    This is one of a great simple video explaining the setup for a perfect online tutoring. Good luck with your tutoring. Am sure you are a great tutor.

  17. satan says:

    Where can I find people to tutor?

  18. Paula Vasquez says:

    hello again!! little confused, where cant I find the visualizer software? where is it? do I have to buy it?

  19. Ed Lear says:

    Cheers Mario, useful.

  20. carmen lopez says:

    Hello, do both the tutor and the student have to have a document camera?

  21. Kassie Rosales says:

    Do you have recommendations for more affordable Document cameras?? (good quality under $100?) Thank you!

  22. Kirsten M says:

    Ok, so would I be able to use a GoPro hero 7 as a live-streaming webcam during a Zoom meeting? I know you recommended your document camera but I don’t have the option of buying that now.

  23. Alexa Vargas says:

    Any suggestions for when you don’t have the students textbook with you? i was thinking to have them send me pictures of the textbook prior to the session and printing them out so I can have a copy as well but I’m open to better ideas!

  24. Jagruti Patel says:

    This is very helpful! Check out this YouTube channel: Jagruti Patel. It will help you with high school level math and science!

  25. Paul Smile says:

    Awesome video ,and interesting tools! I have been using a drawing tablet for years and always found XP-Pen Star G640 to be excellent. This particular size works for me – I can hand write on Zoom white board software for example – and the pen is comfortable to use.

  26. Brianna Su says:

    can you explain simon's favorite factoring trick?

  27. Kate Begeman says:

    Where are the links. I'd like to know what tablet you are using

  28. Maya Hammod says:

    That's nice could you plz let me know how do u write this way on the board using this pen not from the menu bar on the top

  29. dawnlynnart3 says:

    I do not like using the annotating tool (writing tool) in Zoom because it is sloppy to handle with your mouse and choppy looking. I'm assuming to make it smoother, like Khan Academy's presentations, that you would use the Wacom writing tablet, right? If so, how? What software? Wish you showed us how you incorporated the writing tablet. I want to improve on Zoom in Math and other subjects I teach in GED. Thanks!

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