Algebra I for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling

Algebra I for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling

Algebra I for Dummies is a book by Mary Jane Sterling who has taught mathematics at Bradley University since 1979, and has also taught math at the high school and junior high school levels. Algebra I for Dummies provides a pain-free way to explore algebra and believe the reviewers, you would come out smiling. Does the word polynomial make your hair stand on end? Relax! Let Mary Jane Sterling show you the easy way to tackle algebra. This friendly guide explains the basic – and the toughest stuff – in easy-to understand, no-nonsense language. Whether you want to brush up on your math skills or help your children with their homework, this book gives you power – to the nth degree.

Algebra I for Dummies helps you discover how to:

  • Find out about fractions and explore exponents
  • Figure out factoring
  • Solve linear equations
  • Factor quadratic equations
  • Graph equations
  • Solve story problems

If you’re looking for help with some of the basic tools of algebra, you can find that type of information in the first part of the book. Think of these tools as being like what a cook needs. You can’t cook a couffle unless you know how to whisk the eggs and turn on the oven. Your success later depends on your preparation. Of course, you may be beyond these basics. Great! How about the second part?

In the second part, the writer spends a lot of time explaining factoring. Factoring is really no more than changing what the expression looks like. And the factored form is one where everything is all multiplied together. You can find which of the factoring techniques you need to brush up on if you get stuck with a problem.

And where are the equations, you may ask. In Part III, the author gives you any type of equation you desire, in order from simplest to most complex. More rules and methods are added as the equations get more difficult. The author also throws in inequalities for good measure.

Part IV covers a good deal of the answer to the question, “What is this algebra stuff used for?” The applications in these chapters are more on the practical side – discussing things you may actually experience.

The Part of Tens serves as a nice set of lists of game plans. You may need only one thing in the list, or you may run down through the whole thing, in order. Use them as you wish.

Have fun with this. Think of this book as being like a computer’s “Help” button. If you have a problem, you can find the answer (hopefully, better explained than some of those computer “helps”).

Algebra I for Dummies by Mary Jane Stering is available from at US$ 13.59.

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