Intersection of Sets, Union of Sets and Venn Diagrams

Intersection of Sets, Union of Sets and Venn Diagrams

Intersection of Sets, Union of Sets and Venn Diagrams

This math video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the intersection of sets and union of sets as it relates to venn diagrams. It explains how to find the intersection of two sets as well as the union of two sets. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems on intersection and union of sets.

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  1. LavWat M says:

    Hello what application are you using for that blackboard may I know plss so I can use it to

  2. Noura says:

    Thank you 🙂

  3. WP Randall says:

    I temporarily got interested in sets while reading Bertrand Russel's riddle he sent to Frege. I solved the problem. While doing it I discovered a problem with sets. Sets are not circles. A null set is not a set at all. It is a "proposed" set. With no object pertaining to the set, the term "set" is useless. And I believe a set must be at least two "objects". There can be no sets within sets. The inner set applies, and the outer "set" (not being a circle) doesn't apply.

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  5. Mashiho'd PotatoeTM says:

    So the Venn diagram of both Intersection and Union of a 2 sets are the same?

  6. Jose Mavungo says:

    thank for helping me the organic chemestry tutor
    jose mavungo and rosa mavungo

  7. tima says:

    this is so much easy to learn than my teacher who sounds so lazy and sleepy when teaching us

  8. Flexx wagon says:

    Thnx bro this helps me out alot especially considering having a test tommorow

  9. Jihoo Matucad says:

    what if its venn diagram

  10. dwayne young says:

    Sutup bro f### off

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    You have helped me ❤

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    Youtube is life😭

  14. Lejuan Morrison says:

    Look at 3

  15. Lejuan Morrison says:

    You made a mistake


    Thank you man

  17. Dean Bernard says:

    7:11 u made a mistake

  18. Otaku Sensei says:

    hey men, this is useful for my college entrance exam :D. thanks

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  20. Patricia Alexis says:

    Thank you my teacher because you explained well in the 7th year I never understood that today I came across the video I understand them very well thank you very much that God bless you

  21. Marquez Blake says:

    Thanks man helped alot

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