Introduction to Locus (1 of 3: Concept & Definition)

Introduction to Locus (1 of 3: Concept & Definition)

Introduction to Locus (1 of 3: Concept & Definition)

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    God of math

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    Excellent explanation.

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    Learner and student from india

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    fr wish u was my teacher

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    My god …. youtube treat this guy properly.
    Even after 5 years this helped thanks

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    anybody else trying not to fail their hsc exam

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  14. Clement Were says:

    a) Construct an isosceles triangle PQR in which PQ=PR=4.5cm and QR=7cm.
    b) A point T is on the same side of QR as P. Construct the locus of P such that angle QTR is half angle QPR.
    c) Define the locus of T.

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    hats off to you only imagination and logic is needed to understand!!!!!!

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  23. MAC says:

    Non of my high school teachers were able to explain this topic clearly. Here in India it's considered one of the tough topics for annual high school examination

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    you are great Sir..💞💞👏👏

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    If only Leonard and this man teaches together

  27. Lam Nguyen says:

    loci is the equidistant of a point, 2 points, a line and 2 line segments. Would this be the right definition of locus? If it is not then can you give me a definition which explains locus more clearly? Thanks.

  28. Isaac Nevarez says:

    I only had 4 math teachers in my whole life in school that were good at teaching. Wish I had this guy /:

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    you really are '' center of math universe ''. thank you sir.

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    They don't even know the distance formula..what class is this??

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    I understood concept very well. Thank you sir

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    very nice explained sir. Thanks Sir for helping me to understand this concept effortlessly.

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