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25 Responses to “KCPE ALGEBRA – STD 8”

  1. king san says:

    this is help me of fsa tesing that why he is very good for helping on good thing to day

  2. jyyuu7 Hassan says:

    we love you teacher you are a life saver

  3. Agro Playz says:

    i hate you

  4. Said Aden Haidhigin says:

    Thanks teacher, your explanation is clear and iam enjoying learning mathematics because of you , before I use to be anti_mathematics

  5. Raymond Allen Jhangiani says:

    You are truly an artistic n professional teacher ? this is the technique most teacher's should adopt in order to earn a good reputation and appreciation from students ? it involves patience n tolerance to help a student understand and begin to love the subject rather than despising it due to the lac of improper teaching skills n negligence from so called teachers of today ? Thank you , Sir ! God bless you immensely for your time , love n care towards educating children ! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Raymond Allen Jhangiani says:

    Fantastic 🙏

  7. jyyuu7 Hassan says:

    i realy like this teacher for making mathematics look fun and so easy now may God bless you

  8. Elecplayz says:

    Hay teacher I wish you could only became my mathematic teacher can you send more or post more

  9. James Maina says:

    to teach math

  10. James Maina says:

    It seems as if you have a superhuman brain and abilities

  11. terry njenga says:

    wonderful lesson

  12. ruth ngari says:

    A good teacher

  13. Nelly Cheruiyot says:

    Thanks for the lesson be blessed

  14. It's Faith says:


  15. Estar Kiongo says:

    thanks alot teacher the lesson was nice

  16. muchina paul says:

    Very unique teacher,

  17. Pearl says:

    Page 54 not 64.

  18. Karanja Joseph says:

    I love the lesson teach us more

  19. Machiek Magak Jok good teacher mathematics says:


  20. jonathan Ambanya says:

    it sounds good

  21. Emmanuel Kiplagat says:

    very good explanation

  22. Afroza Afroza says:

    Which country sir?🤔

  23. Julius Njoroge says:

    Hi teacher i have whatever you have asked for.

  24. khatrina kaif says:

    Thanks for teaching us sir

  25. Leon Ochieng says:

    wow naelewa sai

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