Laplace transform 1 | Laplace transform | Differential Equations | Khan Academy

Laplace transform 1 | Laplace transform | Differential Equations | Khan Academy

Laplace transform 1 | Laplace transform | Differential Equations | Khan Academy

Introduction to the Laplace Transform

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Differential Equations on Khan Academy: Differential equations, separable equations, exact equations, integrating factors, homogeneous equations.

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33 Responses to “Laplace transform 1 | Laplace transform | Differential Equations | Khan Academy”

  1. Saifeleslam Meftah says:

    So what that mean.. S domain…
    What laplace was thinking when he invent a new domain?

  2. aryan shahrabi says:

    From which books, do you teach?
    (With highly appreciation by your teaching at all)

  3. Real Islamic Guidance says:

    Laplace Transform converges (gives finite value) in ROC. How is this information (the finite value of LT) help us anyhow?

  4. Mercy Kyalo says:


  5. Vybhav Angu says:

    Why would u convert from parameter time to frequency? What is the logic behind that?

  6. Pine Peach says:

    me having an exam in two days based on this: well its time for khan academy

  7. Victor says:

    I have an Exam in a little bit more than 24 hours and for once I figured out that taking the time to thank the internet for what it teaches me every day would be a good thing.
    So thank you for saving my whole life experience by enabling me to get an adrenaline rush each time I learn something at the last time and getting good grades at the same time ^^

    Don't work more, work smarter (and maybe a lil bit more) 😉
    And enjoy what you r doin

  8. Melker Torslén says:

    saving students for 12 years straight

  9. KJ Thompson says:

    These videos are extremely helpful but would it be too much to ask for them to be remade? The quality of the content is being lost to better technology in that the picture is very grainy and the audio is sometimes hard to understand.

  10. Worrier says:

    This video better than several lectures which I have taken it. Thank you so much

  11. Shazullah Yusufzai says:

    From where come this e to the -st

  12. Zairi Mail says:

    Gua kaga ngerti, anjing!!!

  13. Lorenzo Doesn't Exist says:

    Dude, you're about to get cancelled for exposing us to our first Laplace transform.

  14. zitronen saft says:

    how does this man know everyhting

  15. Kamran Khan kami says:

    yes it is a significant moment in our lives…….
    Its night 12;37, everyone is sleeping or enjoying, and we engineers are here
    (Pakistan Zindabad)

  16. Bernard Carey says:

    Dude sounds like Thomas sowell

  17. Joseph Mascolino says:

    12 years later and this is still better than my MA232 lecture…

  18. Lemuel Madridejos says:

    This video has prove that engineering and doctor can be altogether

  19. Farhan Rafid says:

    Please reupload in 1080 p

  20. Brendan Lee says:

    Wow 12 years ago

  21. sharperguy says:

    Man I remember learning this in university and thinking it was the most useful thing ever, and finding the exam realatively easy. Now years later I've completely forgotten all this math and I'm not even sure I could find the integral of something anymore. Use it or lose it folks…

  22. fyo hox says:

    Excuse me, where did that s come from

  23. Saniya Shoeb says:

    KA is timeless cause math is timeless!

  24. jediCurmudgeon says:

    So, you left us hanging — What's 's'?

  25. Chuck Dundas says:

    I always liked Fourier analysis better

  26. maxlopale gz says:

    Thank you so much. Khan Academy makes learning so accessible. Just started donating 10$ monthly.
    That really doesn't change ones living standard, even if you're not earning much. I'm a student myself.
    All of you, please feel encouraged to support this free, awesome opportunity for humanity.

  27. Abdul Moen عبد المعين says:

    What should I need to know before watching this video

  28. Ibrahim Khan01 says:


  29. Pauline Ong says:

    willing to pay this guy my college tuition

  30. Kishorekumar Sathishkumar says:

    So this guy is a function of functions

  31. Zeynel Akbulut says:

    240p ? Seriously?

  32. Alluma Nati says:

    Taurus jr. shoulder shrug around Flexing Muscles while Snorting Smokey Steam out his Nostrils to Tapping Club in Hand 4 Times, taking a pause then Repeating, well, that's all I can do, for 1st action

  33. Emanuele Giordano says:

    The hardest part in this video is not the Laplace Transform, it's writing with the mouse.

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